Why You Should Go and Get a Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

Are you a germaphobic like myself? If you answered yes then this is a great article to read. Written especially for all those germaphobics. Yes, we germaphobics own every type of antibacterial products you can think of. I bet I can take a look in your purse and find a big bottle of hand sanitizer right now. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to protect yourself and love ones from getting sick, especially with that killer flu that has been going around. But imagine this, how would you like to have a little more protection from bacteria and germs. Protection in your bedroom. How about owning a bed set that is not only beautiful and soft, imagine it also being antibacterial. Yes, you have read right, antibacterial. I’m talking about best washing bamboo sheets getting yourself a Natural Organic Bamboo Duvet Cover Set. As many of us know, Duvet Covers Sets are one of the best bedding choices there is. Duvet covers work like pillowcases but instead of protecting pillows they protect comforters from getting damaged and the majority are machine washable. Duvet covers can be washed in the washer machine along with the rest of the sheets unlike comforters that have to be dry cleaned. They come in all different shapes and sizes but why a Bamboo Duvet Cover Set? can you wash bamboo pillowcases


There’s many reasons why and here are some of the few:


o 100 percent bamboo fabric has a 99.8 percent bacterial kill rate. Due to it’s natural anifungal agent, they are rarely attacked by pests or infected by pathogen. It is very hard for bacterial to survive on it because of it’s ability to dry faster then cotton or other fabrics.


o Bamboo fibers are very soft, so bamboo cover sets have a nice silky feel to them and are not slippery at all.


o Does not adhere human body even in the hottest conditions. Bamboo sheets are odor and damp free. They absorb sweet easily and make u feel nice and fresh. They can be used both summer and winter because they have the ability to insulate, so you and your family will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


o Can be easily washed and dried. Drying time is half the time that is for cotton or other fabrics and absorbs water 60% more compared to cotton.


o Recycle process of bamboo materials does not pollute the environment. Bamboo are harvested every 3 to 5 years, verses 20 years like other trees.


I myself have a Bamboo queen duvet cover set and the entire cover set is fully protected. I especially wanted a Bamboo set because my dog spends large amounts of times on my bed and I have an eight year old daughter that loves playing and sleeping on my bed so I need that extra protection. Even if you can’t afford a Bamboo bedding because of it’s cost, you can always purchase any other beautiful duvet cover set and be able to wash it again and again which is still good. But like I have always told everyone I know, spending a little more can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Plus, Bamboo is durable and long wearing fabric so your investment will last quite awhile.

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