why you should go with Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Benefits Calgary

The federal government of Canada is constantly coming up with ways that can help its permanent residents and citizens to bring their families and loved one to the country in a way that they can stay stress-free.

One of the best things that they have come up with in recent years is Super Visa, which is also known as the Parent and Grandparent Visa.

Super Visa Benefits In Calgary

This type of Visa allows the citizens and permanent residents of Canada to bring their parents and grandparents to the country for a longer period of time and with insurance coverage.

Yep, super visa benefits Calgary are too much because they are meant to be beneficial for the people that plan to get it. To help you understand how this type of visa works, we are going to list down some reasons why it is better for you to get Super Visa for your loved ones If they are planning to come to Canada.

4 reasons why you should go with Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

  1. 10-year validity

 One main benefit of the Parent and Grandparent Super Super Visa is that it has a 10-year validity. Yes, a 10-year validity just like tourist visas that are being handed out these days. This is one of the main reasons why sponsors prefer to go with this one. The validity is pretty long and the benefits are really good.

  1. Insurance coverage

 Yep, Super Visa includes insurance coverage. Thanks to the requirements of this type of visa, your parents and grandparents will have insurance coverage once they arrive in the country to stay with you. It is a requirement for your parents or grandparents to have an insurance policy with at least $100,000 coverage before they can apply. This type of coverage will cover their hospital bills in case they get sick during their stay.

  1. Stay up to 2 years

 The third reason is that they can stay for up to 2 years in the country without having to leave. The normal tourist visa only allows a person to stay in the country for 6 months, however, with Super Visa, the parents and grandparents can stay in the country for up to 2 years without having to leave and re-enter again.

  1. They are not allowed to work

 The sole purpose of this type of visa is to allow the parents and the grandparents to stay in the country without having to worry about the earning part. With this type of visa, the sponsor is required to have a certain amount of salary to be eligible to sponsor someone and their stay is on them completely, which means the food, medicine, and other bills are going to be paid by you and you only.

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