Why You Should Have Spark Detection Systems in Your Facility


One of the biggest dangers to people working at construction sites are sparks that can create fires in seconds and destroy both lives and property. Luckily, there are spark detection systems to help keep you and your employees safe from fire outbreaks by sensing sparks before they have time to spread. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of spark detection sensors in your facility and how they can help keep your workers protected.

Detects sparks and hot particles with relevant energy:

Sparks and hot particles with relevant energy such as those produced by grinding machines or welding processes have the potential to start a fire if they come into contact with combustible material. If a spark comes into contact with combustible material, it could easily lead to an explosion and possibly even an entire facility catching on fire. In order to avoid this from happening, employers should invest in one of the new generation of sensors which can detect these types of sparks before they cause any damage!

Reduces Loss of Property:

Spark detection systems and IR3 flame detector are imperative for the safety of your facility. Not only will these give you warning of a spark or gas leak, but they can also alert you if there is an internal electrical problem and allow you to mitigate the issue before it causes extensive damage. The key benefit of these systems is that they provide a great way to monitor areas of your facility that are hazardous or difficult to maintain, such as dusty areas or places where conditions change quickly.

Minimises Fire Alarms:

Every day there are more and more fire accidents in industries that involve manufacturing or recycling materials with a high probability of producing sparks. There are now a range of advanced systems available that can detect sparks and extinguish the flames before they spread out of control. The use of spark detection systems is becoming an important best practice for industries at risk from fires caused by the ignition of combustible materials. A spark detection system has been proven to reduce the number of false alarms and provide an additional layer of security for work sites.

Compliance to Code:

Having a spark detection system in your facility can help you keep your code-compliance with the standards. The codes that deal with workplace electrical safety are outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Whenever you have machinery or equipment running in your workplace, you need to make sure that your employees are safe at all times. Spark detection systems can help to ensure this safety, as they alert workers when sparks may occur. For more information on the importance of using spark detection sensors in your facility, talk to the experts today.

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