Why You Should Not Wear Loose Dentures

Dental Implants Brooklyn NY

A lot of people suffer from serious issues that result in them losing teeth. It slowly becomes a stigma to their lifestyle and appearance and that’s why many people want to have a good solution. There are multiple options for replacing missing teeth – dental implants, bridges, and dentures. If you’re looking for a dentist for dental implants Brooklyn NY, you may book your appointment with Aesthetic & Implant Dental Arts, NY.

Most of the dental professionals weigh implants more satisfactory over traditional dentures. There are many for that. The greatest advantage that is offered through an implant is the fact that any number of teeth can be replaced. Some people can replace a single, or a tooth here and there. If a person is going to get a pair of dentures, he would typically need to have all of his teeth pulled. People that still have a lot of good teeth might not want to consider dentures.

However, nowadays with advancements in dental technology and practices, the process of denture creation has considerably improved. Still, if you think you’re wearing a loose-fitting pair of dentures then you’re more susceptible to some serious dental problems.

Sore spots and bone shrinkage

Loose dentures can cause friction and pressure on soft gum tissues and bones. This may result in sore spots and bone shrinkage.

Mouth Irritation

Your false teeth can be a cause for mouth irritation and sores. Dentures that no longer fit properly can cause inflammation and infections such as Cheilitis in your mouth. You should visit your dentist to ensure your dentures in Brooklyn NY are properly fit.

Eating and Digestion Problems

Ill-fitted dentures can badly damage your digestion as you fail to chew the food properly with moving ridges. As you age, the bone and gum tissues naturally start shrinking but not the same case with your artificial teeth. You feel certain discomfort while eating and that results in problems like indigestion and stomach pain.

You should not wear loose dentures as they not only cause internal problems but also affect facial appearance. Dental Implants Brooklyn NY is a rather better choice. A qualified dentist can also prepare new custom-fit dentures for you or can modify the existing one.

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