Why You Should Order A Custom Smart Card‍

Smart cards are a great way to keep all kinds of sensitive information safe. They’re also a great way to help you keep track of all your employees and visitors at the same time. Smart cards can provide access to specific areas or buildings, control who has access to a restricted area and even keep track of when someone comes and goes.

However, while standard smart cards are useful in many situations, they might not be the right fit for your specific needs. If you’re looking for a custom smart card, there are several benefits that would make ordering one worth your while. Keep reading to learn why you should order a custom smart card if you think it could help your business.


Track Employee Movements

If you employ a lot of hourly workers, you may be wondering if a smart card can help you track their movements. With a custom card, you can set up a log that records the specific time and date that someone swipes their card. This can help you determine if someone is working the correct hours or if they’re clocking in when they’re supposed to be taking off. Because the card tracks the exact time of each swipe, it can also help you track employees’ breaks. If you require workers to take a certain number of breaks per day, you can use the smart card to make sure they’re not abusing their break times.

Access Control

A smart card is a great way to access different areas of your building or facility. You can set up a card to open specific doors, activate elevators and even control who has access to certain equipment. You can also set up the card to log who uses the card and when it’s used. This can help you make sure certain employees only use the card when they’re supposed to and that they don’t let anyone else borrow it. If you’re looking to put a card reader in front of a specific door, you can also set that up to accept your smart card. If you have a card reader on a door that’s not heavily trafficked, this can be a helpful way to keep track of who comes and goes. We also offer vingcard hotel key card costs.

Establish Authentication and Identity

A smart card can help you authenticate your employees, vendors and clients. You can set up your card so that it requires a specific PIN or passcode to be used. This can be especially helpful if you work with a lot of vendors or contractors who are in and out of your office frequently. You can also set up the card to require a specific employee ID. This can be helpful if you have a lot of new employees who you need to keep track of and if you want to keep track of who is logging in to certain systems.

Keep Sensitive Data Safe

If you have sensitive data that you need to protect, a smart card is a great way to keep it safe. You can upload sensitive data to the card, set up a PIN code to protect that data and then store the card in a safe place. This can be helpful if you work in a field that requires you to keep a lot of sensitive clients or patient information on-hand. If you’re worried a hacker might try to gain access to your system and steal sensitive information, you can store the card in a safe to keep it away from prying eyes. This way, hackers will have a much more difficult time getting your data.



A custom smart card can be a great addition to any organization where security is a concern. You can use the card to track employee movements, authenticate clients and employees, and keep sensitive data safe. If you’re looking to order a smart card, make sure you order a custom card, so you can get what you want out of the card.


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