Why You Should Prefer Professional Teeth Whitening Over At-Home Teeth Whitening


All teeth whitening methods can do the same thing, right? Wrong! Professional teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide will give you the most dramatic results, and if you want to keep those pearly whites looking their brightest, you’ll have to visit a cosmetic dentist Blacktown to maintain them on a regular basis. A dentist who specialises in cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening will ensure that your teeth are not only bright but also healthy and free of any sensitivity or other issues that could crop up over time due to improper application of the whitening gel.

Bleaching your own teeth at home

If you are considering bleaching your own teeth at home, there are a few things you should know. First, over-the-counter bleaching products are not as strong as the ones used by dentists. Second, if you use too much bleaching gel or leave it on your teeth for too long, you can damage your tooth enamel. Third, people with sensitive teeth may experience pain or discomfort when using bleaching products. So it is always a better to prefer professional teeth whitening procedure performed by best dentist in Blacktown.

Services offered by cosmetic dentists

A cosmetic dentist can offer you a number of different services to help improve the appearance of your teeth. Teeth whitening is one among them. A consultation with the best dentist in Blacktown is often the first step in determining what needs fixing. Once they know what’s wrong, they can then recommend a treatment plan that fits your needs best! Dentists are great at ensuring that any dental work is done right!

There’s no need to settle for stained and discolored teeth when there is teeth whitening procedure to get them back looking their natural shade again. Your cosmetic dentist will be able to give you advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene so it doesn’t happen again!

How professional teeth whitening works

Teeth whitening is a process of bleaching the teeth to make them appear whiter. The most common method is to use hydrogen peroxide or Carbamide peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide.

When applied to the teeth, these substances react with the tooth enamel to form oxygen radicals, which bleaches the teeth. The concentration of the whitening agent and the length of time it is in contact with the teeth determine the degree of whitening. There are two types of professional teeth whitening procedures: chairside and take-home. Chairside uses high concentrations of the whitening agent to bleach the teeth quickly while take-home treatments are applied nightly at home over several weeks.

Cost of treatment

Treatment at a cosmetic dentist’s office is usually more expensive than over-the-counter whitening products. But there are several reasons why professional teeth whitening Blacktown is worth the investment. First, you’ll get much better results. Second, the procedure is much faster and more convenient than at-home treatments. Third, it’s safer because your dentist will take measures to protect your gums and teeth from the bleaching agents.

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