Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Garage Door When It Comes To Home Security?

Did you know that the garage is the third most popular target of home intruders? The garage is often accessible from the home or auxiliary entry point, and it stores several valuable possessions. In fact, according to one security company, a car garage is the second most commonly broken into part of a home.


If criminals can gain access to your garage and see that you have an expensive car parked inside, they will be much more inclined to break into your house through an unsecured garage in search of additional valuables. Having a secure garage door from Liftmaster garage door opener Lexington KY not only prevents unwanted visitors from entering but also helps keep your car safe from intruders.


  • Why is your garage the third most common target?


There are many reasons why a garage may be the third most common target of home intruders.


  1. First, garages are often unsecured. If a criminal is driving around your neighborhood and sees that your garage door is unsecured, they will be more inclined to break into your garage in search of valuable possessions. Keep in mind that vehicles in a garage are much easier to break into than vehicles in the driveway.


  1. Another reason why garages are a common target is that they often contain valuable possessions. Cars are valuable, but so are tools that could be used for theft or other crimes. You may have a few items stored in your garage that you don’t use, but that could be valuable to someone else.


  1. Finally, garages are often located off of the side or back of the home. As such, they are easier to break into compared to the front door. A criminal who can get into the garage can easily get into the home, and oftentimes without being noticed.


  • Make your garage harder to break into


Nearly all garages have a garage door opener. Although this is convenient, it’s also a very common way for a criminal to gain access to your garage. If a criminal can get their hands on your garage opener, they can simply open the door, drive into your garage, and close the garage behind them.


You can make your garage even harder to break into by contacting Liftmaster garage door opener Lexington KY. A garage door brace is a piece of hardware that secures the garage door to the frame of the garage. This prevents a criminal from being able to simply open the garage door from the outside, drive into the garage, and close the door behind themselves.


  • Secure your garage door now


The best way to prevent criminals from gaining access to your garage is to secure your garage door. You can do this by purchasing a garage door brace, installing a garage door security system, and installing a garage door seal.


A garage door security system from Liftmaster garage door opener Lexington KY is a piece of equipment that allows you to remotely control your garage door opener. This is a great option if you park your car in the garage or if you have a family living in the house.

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