Why Your Air Conditioning System May Need Replacement

Whether you’re experiencing trouble with your air conditioning or you’re concerned about the age of your unit, the decision to call in a replacement air conditioning installation should be considered carefully, taking into account possible benefits as well as whether the cost of replacement may actually end up saving you money in the future.

air conditioning installation


Home air conditioning and heating systems continue to be upgraded year after year, and you may be missing out on the latest technological advances that can benefit your home. Also, your HVAC may simply be past its natural lifespan. Many HVAC professionals put a lifespan of an HVAC unit at fifteen years. If so, you could be at the point where getting new parts and home AC compressor replacement is difficult or they cost more than parts for current models. Also, the improved efficiency of new units can end up saving you as much as twenty percent of energy costs.


It may seem easier to simply consider home AC compressor replacement when HVAC malfunctions, but after a while, an aging unit will experience more and more breakdowns, to the point where it would cost more to keep fixing it than to get a replacement unit. One way to be sure is to keep track of the number of repair jobs you’ve had over the recent years. If they seem too frequent, or your bills are approaching the cost of a replacement unit, you would be better off getting a new HVAC system.


Another reason to get air conditioning installation is that you’ve already exhausted other options to improve your home’s energy efficiency. You may have had an energy assessment performed on your home to find places in your home that leak your home’s internal air. Yet after sealing those leaks, you’ve discovered your home is still burning through high energy bills. In that case, an old, inefficient AC system is the likely culprit and should be replaced.


Another factor is how long you plan to live in your home. If you have a young family, odds are you have another twenty years or so if you have no plans to move. In that case, investing in a new air conditioning installation may be prudent, as it will keep down future energy costs and ward off repair jobs, as well as provide healthier air for you and your family.

Hiring professional HVAC contractors would be safe and beneficial for any technical air conditioning task. Whether you need a minor furnace repair or want to upgrade your building with a central system, it’s recommended that you work with professionals in this field.

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