Why Your Office Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint


When was the last time your office repainted? If it’s been a while, you haven’t realised the transformation a fresh coat of paint can make. We live in a highly visual society where people judge everything based on what they see. Studies show that what people see on the outside implies that is what going on inside is similar. Yes, about two-third consumes say that avoid a business based on its external appearance.

An office with fading and peeling paint walls could imply that the business doesn’t care about its employees, etc., and it negatively impacts the organisation’s reputation. Regardless of size, the physical appearance of a business, is crucial and matters the most to customers, employees, and clients.

A fresh coat of paint adds more value to your business. Still not convinced? Here’s why your business needs to be repainted, as shared by our commercial painters Sydney:-

Improve Your Workplace

Employees who are satisfied with their working environment are 18% more likely to be productive and stay at their current job for a long time. Yes, a fresh coat of paint can create an attractive workspace for your employees. See, the workplace is the second home for your employees, given the time they spend almost every day. A professional strata painting Sydney benefits both your employees and business. A comfortable working environment has a positive impact on employee satisfaction. In fact, there are office paint colours that can boost productivity and employee morale.

Set the Mood

The colours on your office walls have a significant effect on the mood of your business. Right colours can influence the way your workforce feels and help them focus on their job without any distraction. However, there are hues that could be disturbing. Hence, it is essential to pick the right office colours.

While white creates a sense of cleanliness, purity, and sparks creativity, blue colour curbs appetites and promotes productivity. Yellow and orange are cheerful and optimistic colours. On the hand, grey fosters feelings of practicality and green relax and promote the environment. Getting colour consultation from commercial painting contractors to find out the colours that will boost productivity is a good idea.

Look Modern

Interior design and aesthetic trends tend to emerge and fade away frequently. What looked fresh and modern ten years ago may look stale now. A new interior scheme for your commercial property will give your business the edge to stand out from the rest and look modern.

Now that you have made up your mind to repaint your commercial property, it’s time to contact commercial contractors to get the job done right.

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