Why Your Workplace Needs to Have a Fingerprint Door Access System

fingerprint door access system

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. It boasts of consistently low crime rates, a reliable police force, and a transparent legal system, among others. In fact, 94% of its citizens feel safe walking alone at night, compared to 69% worldwide. This does not mean, though, that you are going to be complacent and let your guard down. This is most true when it comes to the workplace. 


Remember, security has always been a concern of high importance in the workplace and will always be. In line with this, if you own or manage an office space, warehouse, or any other business facility, you should seriously consider investing in a fingerprint door access system. By doing so, you can enjoy the following benefits: 


Enhanced security

Traditional locks have proven their worth over the past years, but because of technological advancements, their vulnerabilities have been exposed. Failure to replace them with a finger door security system or other similar security accessories may lead to theft and other untoward incidents. 


The problem can be heightened if you handle sensitive data and lose them. This development can further complicate things since you may face legal ramifications for losing the data of your clients. This is where a finger door security system comes into play. It’s close to impossible for individuals to break into your workplace with the said system. 


Cost effective

Yes. Compared to conventional locks, you are going to pay more upfront if you opt for a finger door security system. However, it can last longer compared to the said locks since the said system is not susceptible to wear and tear damages; as such, it can last the test of time. 


In addition, if you factor in the endless security benefits that a finger door security system brings, then it is safe to say that you are going to send a substantial amount of cash in the long run. 



With a finger door security system, you simply need to press your finger against the system’s scanner. You don’t need keys, cards, and other added accessories. This makes entry as well as exit easy and hassle-free. 


Using keys is so passé and not to mention bothersome, especially if you’re the forgetful kind who often lose important stuff on a regular basis. 


Difficult to hack

With key-based locks, burglars and other criminal offenders can pick the lock and then gain entry to your workplace. How about a card-based system? Well, a card-based security system can be hacked with the right tools. This is not a cause of concern when it comes to a finger door security system since its system is cutting-edge and since each and everyone of us has a unique fingerprint, break-ins and unauthorized entry can be greatly reduced. 


Summing up

In the end, installing a finger door security system is the way to go if you want to make sure that the security of your workplace is not compromised in any way. And with technological advancements moving forward in leaps and bounds, more cutting-edge features will soon find their way into the said system. Giving further assurance that you are going to get your money’s worth and more. 


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