Wildlife Tour in North India: Get a Glimpse of Wildlife in India

Wildlife tourism is gaining immense popularity and is becoming one of the most important parts of Indian tourism. The main reason is that after Africa, India has many endangered species that could be seen in the wild parts. There are many national parks in India that are worth visiting and many of them are notified tiger reserves. Tiger is the majestic animal that is the center of attraction of many people who visit India for its wildlife reserve.

With so many tiger reserves, the biggest advantage to the Indian tourism is that one can easily combine one or more wildlife tours in their package and those who have not focused on wildlife tour only can also get an advantage of enjoying it. If you are interested in wildlife tour in North India, getting in touch with Delighted Journey will be the best way to get the maximum value for your money.

Tiger is the most royal and majestic animal and no matter whether you have seen it before or not, you will find yourself thrilled whenever you get a chance to see it closely. Bandhavgarh has a good population of tigers and even then many people who visited there could not spot a tiger.

The national parks are closed for one day every week and the vehicles that are allowed to enter it are also limited. So, if you are planning to make a wildlife tour in India, you need to gather details and do the bookings or contact Delighted Journey to take care of these things. You will be well informed there and taken proper care of as well.

You will be taken through the mystical forest area of India where you have the opportunity to find some wild animals and birds and if you are lucky enough you will be able to see a tiger also. Different types of wildlife safaris are available – camel safari, elephant safari and jeep safari. These are some of the safari options that can be mentioned because majority of the tourists prefer any of these three most often to travel through the dense and wild forests. Wildlife safari in India will help you see the animals in their natural dwelling.

If you choose to stay in any of the resorts in national park, you will have the advantage of seeing the animals in their natural habitat right from the window of the room you are staying in. There are numerous national parks, Ranthambore National Park, Jim Courbet National Park and Kanha and Bandavgarh National Park are some of them that are visited by a huge number of tourists and are well known for its greenery and denseness.

If you want to take the wildlife tour in India the toughest decision for you would be where to go. You can choose from savannah like scrub in India’s north central part, that is, Madhya Pradesh, the green and dense forests in southwest coast which is in the state of Kerala and the deserts of western India which falls in Gujarat. However, with a number of air route connection across the subcontinent itinerary planning has become easier for most travelers. You do not have to worry about anything if you opt for a package from Delighted Journey.

Staying in a comfortable, air conditioned and elegantly furnished resort in the jungle close to the habitat of tigers, rare hard ground barasingha and many other wild animals and birds that are rare to be seen, all this is possible only when you take the Kanha & Bandavgarh tour of Delighted Journey. The Sal and bamboo forest filled with magnificent meadows and grassland will simply make this trip completely outstanding. If chosen, you will find that this tour is a combination of the best in India wildlife tour packages. The tour can be arranged between November to June and is ideal for all nature lovers and photographers, professional or amateur.

When talking about national parks, wildlife tour in Madhya Pradesh cannot be missed out because it is housing for one of the highest populations of tigers making it pretty famous destinations among wildlife enthusiasts. In fact, Madhya Pradesh is a pioneer state to take up the national movement for conservation of forests and wild animals. The state government has also set up an in-situ conservation area.

If you want to spot leopards, Indian wild boar, jackals, Indian flying fox, striped hyenas along with tiger, Ranthambore wild tour is ideal for you.

Jim Courbet National park is a haunt for tourists and wildlife lovers for a long time. Tourism is allowed only in a selected area so that people get a look of the landscape and diverse wildlife living here. This national park is well connected by rail and roadways. There is regular bus service from surrounding cities along with New Delhi and with Delighted Journey you do not have to worry about anything as well. They will take care of your visit and accommodation, depending on the type of tour you select.

Selecting the time between November and February or March would be right for wildlife tour in India. Even though in the mornings, if you take the drive in to the forest, you will find that it is quite chilly, but weather would be comfortable during the days. It is advisable to wear clothes in shades of brown and green as they are less disturbing to the environment. Avoid wearing perfumes and smoking in the restricted area. Since you need to walk on rough ground prefer wearing comfortable sports shoes.

Select the best time when you can visit the national parks. The days are clear during October to March and you will get a chance to watch birds and animals in plenty. However, no matter when you go into the national parks, you should follow the rules and follow the guidelines and instructions given to you by the authorities or their representatives. Delighted Journey will help you have a comfortable and safe village walking tour in india that you will remember lifelong, cherishing the memories that would be certainly outstanding and great.

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