Will Bots Take Over The Human Writers By 2025?

Robots! Aren’t they a phenomenon that both frightens us and excites us, at the same time? All this while, we writers were amazed to see the automatic replies on Gmail, automatic cleaning robots and our ever so loved personal AI assistants but now they have come to replace us, or have they? In this article we’ll have a good look at exactly that and discuss if bots will take over human writers by 2025?

Before moving into the battle, it is said you need to know the rival first; so who is the rival at hand? Well, they call themselves Artificial Intelligence or AI in short. They try to replicate the thoughts that people like you and me process in our minds and use them to do the things that we do but with more efficiency and speed. You may call them bots, AI or human replacers, but it’s your own species of humans who are creating them. One of these I came across while looking for relevant information is called GPT-3. Specifically meant for writing, it works by using predefined algorithms that run on information collected from hundreds and thousands of websites and journals. It is so well equipped that it can write clean and crisp articles and you won’t even notice that a human didn’t write it. It has already written an article in a reputed media organization like Guardian. In a day, it can write not one, not two but thousands of articles, which would not be possible even by hiring hundreds of humans. GPT-3 is not alone in this league; many others have also set foot in the market, which keep advancing with every moment that passes by. 

So listening to all this, you must be thinking; if they are so advanced already and getting better day by day, all the writers must be at risk, they should start looking for alternate careers, right? That, however, is not entirely true. The thing is, machines may be better in every aspect but there are some that they just cannot take away from us, these are:

  • Creativity:

As weird as we are, humans are very creative and curious beings, this curiosity is what got us from just hunting and gathering to this day and age where we are making technologies that are outperforming us. Every one of us thinks differently and tapping every single human’s thoughts for even the best performing AI is almost impossible. This creativity is what gives us an edge on the bots doing the same tasks.

  • Emotions:

Emotions are one of the biggest weaknesses and strengths of us humans, we feel happiness, anger, pain, disgust, awe and so many other emotions that are very unique to us and animals. These emotions many a times are what bind us together; the reader feels the emotions that the writer is conveying which makes them like the article majority of times. AI cannot feel these emotions; they don’t feel sorrow for an accident, disgust on a bad movie or pride on a country’s achievement. This puts off the reader as he/she misses the connection required in the article.

  •  Opinions:

Even if they seem very stupid at times, all of us humans have opinions on majority of matters. These opinions get reflected when a person writes a subjective article where he needs to suggest something or give a review on a product he used. This can’t be done by the bots as they only understand numbers, data and codes.

All these qualities combined make humans very able in terms of writing and give us an advantage over bots. Majority of situations where long, opinionated and creative articles are required, we humans do better than any bot out there. So to answer the question, will bots take over human writers by 2025 is yes and no, as they may take over the entire objective, short and only information based articles but for the subjective, long and imaginative ones; we humans will reign supreme. However, we will have to up our skills a lot, and be splendid at the little things we do better than machines.

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