Will Family Mediation Hertfordshire Help?

Family Mediation Hertfordshire or at any other place always work and saves you a lot of expenses. Before meeting a solicitor, if you can resolve your issues by meeting a mediator, then why not give a try? The first thing in the process is to understand how does it all work, it would help in calming your nerves and you can expect a not so gruelling process for resolution.

When you approach a mediator for divorce solutions Hertfordshire, in their first meeting, they would brief you about the following points—

  • What is Family Mediation
  • How long the process will go
  • How many sessions will be required, as each case is unique and has its own complexities
  • What will be an approximate expense
  • How confidential is the mediation process

Once, you are satisfied, the next step is familiarising you with the types of Hertfordshire Mediation and which one will work in your case. Broadly, it is divided into three types.

  1. Sole Mediation: This happens when both the parties are made to sit in front of each other and there is only one mediator involved in resolving the issue. This does not last for a very long time, and may end in three to four sessions, again entirely depends on the nature of the case.
  2. Co-mediation: This usually is required when the case is very complicated and there are lot of people involved. It is a lengthy process.
  3. Shuttle Mediation: It is required when both the parties are not ready to sit in the same room. The mediator shuttles between the two rooms and work out a divorce solution which is mutually beneficial for both.

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