Will NBA 2K22 change players’ traditional impression of 2K?

The new shooting action should be available in NBA 2K22. When players use skilled shooters to make high-quality shots, it expands dynamically, but it shrinks when they compete fiercely, use less-skilled shooters, or are tired. Shooting IQ is more important in NBA 2K22, forcing you to play well and work hard for open positions. Forcing a bad shot will not be as effective as it used to be. If they packed the defender with shooters and have a good shooting game, there should be more bricks and air balls next. Therefore, it is very necessary to buy enough NBA 2K22 MT to train high-quality shooters.

As you can see, basketball IQ and shooting skills will play a greater role in your success. You can expect precise jump shots, dunks and air relays in traffic, as well as new iconic moves and combinations to be more skill-based to crush defenders while dribbling. Game director Mike Wang said: “If you don’t perform well, it will be your responsibility.”

On the defensive side, improved shooting, steals and blocking systems bring more realism to the game. For stoppers, look forward to more varieties, such as several new snatch stops and volleyball spikes. Elite defenders should also have a greater impact and be able to play suffocating defenses on the perimeter. Defensive artificial intelligence is said to have also improved, and you can expect major updates to the basic defensive rotation. It is said that the new ball defense positioning logic can also provide artificial intelligence for defenders.

Some other adjustments include a new slam dunk style creator for more customization. In addition, it has increased the number of badges to 80, and the next-generation version will introduce takeover privileges, which you can unlock to enhance existing takeover capabilities. Players can learn more by reading the recent GameMS news, which focuses on faster-paced gameplay, more compact and responsive movements, more skill-based offenses, and changes in player builders. They can also Buy NBA 2K22 MT there to promote their strength. Come on!

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