Will PS 5 Support Old Games?

If you are the owner of video games for the PS 4, then the main question you have is whether your collection of the games for the PS 4 will be compatible with the PS5 platform, or you have to update your collection? Here is every answer:



The manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that the home video game console is going to have an update that is named PlayStation 5. It will launch later this year after the successor PS4 success, which had launched in 2019, and got the super success as the previous version does. As per the announcement in 2019, this console will be going to use the 8-core, 16-tread CPU, which will be developed on the AMD microarchitecture. This update introduces the new User Interface. This user interface will follow the same minimalist technical style as it was used in the previous version of the Playstation 4. The first and unofficial declaration of the PS 5 was made the news when the lead architect of the PS, Mark Cerny gave the interview to the Wired in April last year.

As the news comes out about the PlayStation 5, the gaming community become crazy for it, everyone wants to know the new features of it and what are the main changes going to take place. In this excitement, there are some questions that took place too. One of them is, “Whether PS5 is compatible with the older games or not?”

This is the question that is making many players uneasy and restless. They are worrying that much because they don’t want to lose their collection of games that they have collected for a long period of time.

Yes, you will be able to play the games of PS 4 in PS 5, but only those game which includes VR in the title. It can happen due to the fact the PSVR (PlayStation VR) will be compatible with the PS5. Your saved games will be transferred to the PS 5. Still, you don’t have to worry about the rest of the games because you will be able to run PS 4 in the background.

What if Games are Much Older?

In the collection, players have games from PlayStation, PS 2, and PS 3. Players are worried about those too. What will happen to those games?

The chances of those games to be supporting on the PS 5 is very low. As the CELL Architecture of PlayStation is custom made, and that is generating a particular difficulty, which is hard to overcome. That is the same reason why accessing the background compatibility for the PlayStation 4 was very hard to overcome.

Still, in this technically advanced era, anything is possible. So, hope for the best and keep yourself updated for the new technology that will make this obstacle just the bug in the system. Maybe it in the updates this problem is resolved? For now, there are only some games of PlayStation, which can be played in the PlayStation 5.

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