Will the Era of Health & Wellness Technology Ever Dawn on the Global Horizon? A Brief Outlook

It was a miraculous advent of technology that high-spun the world like a tornado. The debris (albeit good) was collected that battered the system shackled by traditional paperwork and errors of human intervention. These chains of the old protocols were as confining as leg irons. The world now sits in a unique position with its massive amphitheater open for all corporate and administrations to deliver transformational projects rewired using technological know-how.





Why is healthcare a glaring exception? It seems forever. Online assistance does exist, yet an eternity of health concerns and an unquenchable thirst for immediate support continue to persist.

The solutions for health and wellness that target a wide array of people and patients await a digital ecosystem as a catalyst for change.

Harvard Business Review Ciphers the Data

There were ideas but no actual pick-and-shovel work for assessing global needs. The slow uptake of digital health technology made people struggle to come out of their mire of inaccessible timely care. Harvard Business Review analyzed data collected from a survey conducted before and during the pandemic.

67% of the global population uses mobile devices yet suffers from the harsh blows of negligible digital care.

80% of healthcare providers perceive data management across global care settings as arduous and lacking an easy outlet.

The pandemic and its aftermath opened the eyes of healthcare providers to new possibilities.

This looks more like the “if we could have, we would have” ideology, and the trepidations patients are standing at the crossroads, unease, about whether to accept or retaliate.

Why is it Such a Moiling Venture to Undertake?

No Connection or Centralization

The last time technology made someone smile was when the Government allowed the centralization of Banks. It was not a facile victory but the incurred efforts made it all worthwhile in the end. To make health and wellness technology robust, realize that an inextricable link with data-driven capabilities is as important as creating an infrastructure. The data is out there, but unless it is organized and integrated with an advanced protocol, the healthcare system shall continue to suffer.

Absence of a Wholesome Mindset

Care providers begin to trudge through, sinking to their chests in the lousy data-driven environment, trying to assess the prospects of a system that is everything but fast. The center of the digital ecosystem fantasy has to be a platform that allows all stakeholders and patients to find synergy. It is not about connecting the labs or hospitals but also third-party service providers. A doable collaboration with digital players and digital healthcare czars would help establish a cloud-based platform for seamless data access.

A Tenebrous Future?

Absolutely not, except for the economically weaker sections where a mirthless regime contracts life. An emergency or preventing its occurrence depends upon how ingenious the solutions for health and wellness are and seamless the data transfer is, allowing everyone to work as a team.

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