Will There Be A Super Bloom In California In 2020?

In 2019, there was a flower cover in California that was so expansive that you could see the plants from space. Super blooms are so spectacular that they attract a large number of tourists and admirers. The phenomenon brings a beautiful sight that one can witness only once in every decade. Also, there were large swarms of butterflies that fly to super bloom areas to enjoy the abundance of flowers in the areas. As spring is fast approaching, many people are wondering whether Mother Nature will bless us with an amazing sight of a super bloom this year.

Super blooms occur when there is abundant rainfall in the desert that is followed by cold weather. The cold locks moisture in the ground until spring comes. That is when the seeds that have been lying dormant in the ground germinate and blossom into beautiful flowering plants that we refer to as a super bloom. The amount of flowers that covers the desert is more than what we see in normal spring blooms. Although it is a little early to tell whether there will be a super bloom in California this year, conditions in the desert are indicating that the desert plants may – even better than it was in the year 2019.

Scientists are predicting that a super bloom is likely to occur in areas around Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in Los Angeles. The environmental scientists further said that the area received more than 5 inches of snow in the last winter that got absorbed into the soil. Furthermore, there is continued rain in the area that may keep the poppies growing. As a result, we may witness some type of super bloom in California this year.

Another area that might have wildflowers growing is Palm Springs. This is because the conditions of the area are similar to those of the antelope valley. You will also find that the area has remained relatively cold since the last winter. This means that most moisture in the soil will remain trapped in the foreseeable future. And as the ground begins to warm, the dormant seeds in the ground will start to germinate.

For a super bloom to occur, conditions on the ground must be right. It is such a rare occurrence since all the conditions must work together to produce the desired results. In winter, there must be heavy snow and ice so that water can seep through the different layers of the soil to reach the seeds. Besides, there must be cold weather right after winter to prevent the water in the soil from evaporating. A cloud cover during this time is enough to limit the amount of sunlight hitting the ground during the day while insulating the soil from cold temperatures during the night. And as if that is not enough, the ground must warm up slowly over months. This explains why a super bloom happens only once in a decade; presumably during the El Niño years.

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