Will Your iPhone Apps Work on iPad?

Want to run your iPhone apps on your iPad? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about just that. So what’s the wait? Let’s get started.

Why Run iPhone Apps on your iPad?

iPad has a comparatively larger screen and who doesn’t love a big screen. There are several advantages of large iPad display which enhances the user experience while using an app.

What Apps do Your iPad Supports?

There are millions of apps available on the Apple App Store. Sadly, not all of them are working on your iPad. Not every app is created in the same way, and it may depend on a particular app that it will be optimized for your big screen or not.

You should learn more about your iOS apps, such as how it works? What tech does it use? And how your App Store work?

Four Common Types of Apps on the App Store

  1. iPhone-Only: Those apps which are only made for Apple iPhone products. These types of apps are incompatible on an iPad. iPhone-only apps are rare and not compatible on iPad because it requires hardware which is not present in your iPad.
  2. iPhone Specific: In short, these apps are designed for iPhone screen size. Developers make these apps while focusing on iPhone screen size; they don’t optimize it for iPad display. As a result, you are unable to use them normally on your iPad. to run them on an iPad, you have first to set up the “iPhone compatibility mode.” The apps will run but will appear in the size of the iPhone’s screen.  User can stretch the app size to fit on the iPad’s display.
  3. iPad-only: Apps that only run on an iPad. Generally, these apps are games and drawing apps. These apps are specially created for iPod’s large display. Hence they are incompatible foriPhone users.
  4. Universal: Apps that are optimized and made for both iOS device. When used on a large display, it adjusts itself to the iPad screen. When used on an iPhone it adopts its screen size. Apple always recommends its developers to create this kind of apps.

Identifying Universal Apps on iPhone and iPad

The best and most convenient way to recognize these apps on your device is to have a look at the app’s screenshots. If you see screenshots of an iPad, that means the app is either universal or iPad only.

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