Window Tinting Coventry

Tinting is a process whereby a semi transparent film is applied to windows to decrease light passing through. Tints can be applied in various shades and colours but the most common is a black window tint. Shades vary from allowing as little as 5% light through known as limo tint all the way up to a very subtle tint which allows about 70-75% light through. Window Tinting Coventry

Tints are also available for headlights and tail lights. The fly-eye tint meets regulations and is road legal and will pass a MOT. We stock both fly eye and regular tint.


The major benefits of window tinting is the UV protection from the sun. All our window tint films are top quality from the leading brand, Suntek. Their films come with a lifetime warranty and come with Heat and UV rejection along with Glare reduction. Tinting your windows also adds privacy to your car, perfect for preventing those peering eyes! Window tinting Birmingham

Tinting gives your car that super cool and premium look. We also tint Headlights and Tail lights using Lamin-x tint.

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