Windows 10 Enterprise Edition: What are the Key Features for Business?

You can now access the Enterprise version of windows 10 enterprise to access new features that Microsoft claims will help you with the security and management of PC and mobile devices.

Even as the business tend to be far behind the consumer when itcomes with update machinery, there are some analysts who are seeing Volume Licensing customers expressing their interest in upgrading to the present Windows version.


Windows 10’s new enterprise features

Enterprise Data Protection

The Windows 10 Enterprise Data Protection Features will be added to Windows 10 Enterprise later on. There are mainly designed to prevent any accidental disclosure of sensitive information.


Using the containerization file techniques, this software is capable of keeping your personal and enterprise data separate. Microsoft also claims that it has minimal impact on the way employees work.


With Additionalsafeguards, Data Is Well Protected When Shared.

In case you happened to send an email to the wrong individual and with the file attached. The individual will receive the file: However, the file will not be readable, since it will be encrypted. However, someone inside your organization will have no problem reading what’s inside the organization; this is according to Gartner’s Kenyans.

Moreover, Windows 10 is said to have the capability to wipe corporate data from devices at the same time leaving personal data untouched. You can also audit reports for remedial actions and tracking. Using mobile device management (MDM) one can also protect corporate date inside the Office universal apps from external threats.

Device Guard

Using Device Guard, you can restrict devices to only run trust software, and itdoesn’t matter if it’s a traditional desktop app, in house app or applications from Window store.

This also prevents an attacker who seizes control of Windows Kernel from running malicious codes.

Using the new virtual-based security in windows 10 enterprise, Device Guard is capable of isolating the code Integrity services which controls the process from the Microsoft Windows Kernel. This also allows the service to use signatures which are defined by enterprise controlled policy determining what is trustworthy.

According to Gartner’s Kenyans, you can lock the operating system to a piece of hardware, and here nothing could ever boot on the specific hardware. He also claims that you can make it’s hard to wipe or reload the machine using anything else.

This approach will be very effective to stop malware from running on a machine, especially a software that alters its code, preventing detection by anti-virus software. The use of Virtualization, technology embedded in the hardware and the sandbox, the code integrity service will help foil any exploits that by try to compromise Windows at the Kernel level.

However, Device Guard demands a number of hardware features and software settings. This include, Virtualization Extensions like Intel AMD-Viv-x and SLAT have to be enabled, UEFI 2.3.1 or greater, x64 version of Windows, IOMMU like Intel VT-d, TPM2.0, AMD; BIOS lockdown.

HP, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Lenovo and many other create systems which are designed to accommodate these Microsoft security controls.


Provisioning packages

This is the feature that allows Windows 10 machines to be set simpler compared to the earlier versions of the OS.

If your company has IT admins, they can configure provisioning package rules to determine the appearance of the OS,the applications that can be installed and what certificates and be installed. Moreover, they can enrol devices with an MDM suite set the user rights and many more.

On the same note, this provisioning packages can be used to configure multiplemachines. Moreover, it can be applied to either a Windows image or running Windows machines through a USB device, SD card or network share.

Using the Imaging and configuration designer, you can create packages which are all a part of the new windows 10 home Assessment and Deployment Kit.

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