Winning Numbers

The lottery is also accepting mailed claims, though officials warn payments might be temporarily delayed. Winners are advised to make copies of the claim kind and the winning ticket for their records. Players will have the very same set of numbers in both the primary Powerball drawing and Double Play drawing.

The estimated jackpot for this historic draw for the most preferred game in America is $293 million. To win the grand prize, the ticket need to match all five numbers and the red Powerball number. Powerball players have spent an estimated $2.6 billion on tickets because the last jackpot was claimed in November. The Powerball lottery jackpot for the Monday, Aug. 23, 2021, drawing is worth an estimated $293 million. “Players have let us know they want to play for bigger jackpots and cash prizes, and we want Powerball to deliver on their expectations” Reardon stated. On Monday, a new drawing will join the weekly lineup of Powerball drawings, which are presently held on Wednesday and Saturday, giving players a further opportunity to win.
Starting Monday, the Powerball lottery will be adding a third drawing every single week. Powerball administrators hope the new Monday drawing will lead to larger prizes and increased sales. Powerball is also adding a new feature called Double Play. It expenses $1 extra and offers players a second opportunity to match their Powerball number in a second drawing with a prime money prize of $ten million.Double Play tickets are eligible to win both prizes. Powerball is a lottery game exactly where a player chooses 5 numbers from a set of 69 white balls and one particular number from 26 red Powerballs. For an more price, players can add Energy Play to their ticket, which can multiply non-jackpot prizes.
Holmes, 27, hit the jackpot in February and, considering the fact that then, has bailed McDow, 31, out of jail 3 times. McDow was currently in jail on heroin and weapons charges when Holmes won the lottery, and shortly right after the income came through, she posted his $three million bail. Fontella Marie Holmes won the prize in 2015, according to CBS affiliate WWAY. She elected to take the lump sum and ended up walking away with $88 million, according to the lawsuit. (WBTW/WWAY) — A North Carolina woman 파워볼 who won a $188 million Powerball jackpot is getting sued by her ex-fiancé — who is currently in jail — after she allegedly gave away some of his personal property.
Mega Millions, meanwhile, has had four winners this year (its $55 million jackpot won on June 8 remains unclaimed, nonetheless). For all collected prizes, winners have chosen the money solution alternatively of the annuity. Powerball also will add a new function to the game known as Double Play, which expenses an added $1 and presents a likelihood to win more prizes of up to $ten million. Double Play initially will be provided in Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington and Puerto Rico.
In January 2016, this Powerball prize of $1.586 billion was split between three winners. Second to that, a South Carolinian anonymously claimed their $1.537 billion prize in October 2018, making them the largest single-winner in the US. It was the 1st time both lottery jackpots topped $700 million simultaneously.

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