Winter Travel Guide – Book weekend trips online to 5 Offbeat Destinations in India

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons in India. From the blanket of snow on the mountains and the pleasantly cool weather on the plains, no tourist destination in India is untouched by the winter season. This winter season, explore the offbeat top weekend getaways that are a reflection of pristine natural beauty, fresh air, and fewer crowds.

To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of 5 offbeat winter tourist destinations. What are you waiting for? Book weekend trips online and enjoy your winter like never before.

  1. Lambasingi
    If you are planning to take a week off this winter, then make the most of the break by planning a trip to Lambasingi with your partner. One of the offbeat romantic getaway travel destinations in India, Lambasingi is the perfect location for a serene winter vacation. The village, which is situated in the Chintapalli Mandal of the Visakhapatnam district, is tucked away in the Eastern Ghats at a height of roughly 1,000 meters above sea level. It has relatively cold weather throughout the year due to limited commercialization.

The Thajangi Reservoir, the waterfalls at Kothapalli and Yerravaram, Susan Garden, Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary, and Annavaram Temple are the major tourist attractions. In the winter months, temperatures can drop as low as 0 °C, and you may encounter rainfall too. With the surge in footfall, especially in the winter season, it is advisable to buy the weekend getaways tour package to make your trip economical.

  1. Lava, West Bengal
    One of the offbeat top weekend getaways that you can visit this winter is Lava. Located in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal, Lava is a tiny town tucked away in the eastern Himalayas. It receives snow every winter and is well-known for its flora and fauna as well as a number of picturesque sights.

It also boasts a number of temples and monasteries. If you enjoy the outdoors and adventure, Lava is a great winter location where you can go hiking, bird watching, and exploring the local flora and fauna. Many safe homestays have come up in Lava, and for an authentic cultural experience, it is advised to opt for a homestay.

  1. Megamalai
    If you and your partner have recently shifted to Bangalore and want to explore the exotic tourist destinations in neighbouring states, then you must take a weekend trip to Megamalai in Tamil Nadu. The area was known as the Highwavys Mountains under British dominion, but the inhabitants eventually changed the name to Meghamalai, which means “cloud mountain” in Tamil. This is due to the fact that the peak is always enveloped in clouds. You will find many weekend getaways tour packages online easily, so don’t take the stress of planning a trip on yourself.

Varusanadu Hills can be seen in all their glory from Megamalai. You can explore the waterfalls, dams, and cool weather in addition to the sights. From spending quality time amidst the cool weather to exploring the major tourist attractions, Megamalai is one of the top weekend getaways to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and to spend quality time with each other.

  1. Baisaran Valley
    Long green meadows, deep pine trees, and a glimpse of snow-capped peaks may all be found in this offbeat winter location in Kashmir’s Anantnag region. It is one of the preferred romantic getaways travel destinations among couples who don’t want to visit the crowded Kashmir tourist destinations in the winter season.

It is without a doubt the best place for couples seeking a peaceful vacation. In close proximity to Baisaran are the tourist destinations Kanimarg, Kashmir Valley Point, Pahalgam Old Village, Dabyan, and Deon Valley Point. Don’t take the stress of planning a trip to Baisaran Valley, as you will find many weekend getaways tour packages online.

  1. Rajgarh, Himachal Pradesh
    If you are looking for an offbeat winter tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate the birthday of your fiancé, then plan a trip to Rajgarh. Rajgarh, located in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh, is referred to as the Peach Valley of the state and is home to some of the best fruits in the world, including peaches, plums, and apricots.

It is adorned with stunning natural beauty and serves as a starting point for many treks, notably the one to Chur Dhar’s summit (Chur Chandni). Rajgarh experiences snowfall and subfreezing temperatures from January to March. Camping, hikes, and other adventure activities are also available for couples to enjoy nearby. To make the celebration special, book weekend trips online for a smooth and hassle-free celebration.

Bottom Line
Make this winter special and unique, unlike previous years’ winters, by planning a weekend getaway to exotic winter tourist destinations. To enjoy the trip, without burning a hole in your pocket, book weekend trips online with International Travel House, which offers affordable winter tour packages.

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