Wisdom Teeth Facts you should know!


Wisdom teeth, what are they? How did they get this name? Wisdom teeth are nothing but the last set of molars to develop. These teeth typically show up within the ages of 17 and 25. Not all, but most people will have to deal with their wisdom teeth at some point. So let us now look at some of the interesting yet annoying truth about these teeth and why wisdom teeth removal is advised by the dentist.

Why do Humans have Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth were formerly required for our ancestors to bite and eat their food. As they had a much tougher diet than what we currently enjoy today, like roots, meat, and fruits, their teeth worn-out faster. As a result, they needed their third row of molars. As time passed by, the types of diet we take have evolved drastically. As a result of evolution, some people don’t grow wisdom teeth at all. Some develop and have problems; hence, cheap wisdom teeth removal Australia has become a necessity in most cases.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth cause problems?

With evolution, humans have developed smaller jaws as opposed to our ancestors. Due to this, we don’t have sufficient space to support extra teeth in our jawline. One big problem with these teeth is that they push other existing teeth creating cosmetic concerns like crooked teeth. This, in turn, can result in swollen gums, jaw pain, and other distress.

Another common problem with wisdom teeth is that they grow impacted. This happens mostly when teeth are misaligned, causing discomfort. Also, as wisdom teeth grow far back in the mouth, they are difficult to clean. This causes the risk of tooth decay and results in infection. These are the reasons why dentists often suggest wisdom teeth be removed.

Should I have affordable wisdom teeth removal cost?

This can be clarified only by your dentist after checking you. X-rays will confirm if your wisdom teeth have grown, how they are coming in, and do they have enough space in your mouth. In some cases, dentists might advise just removing some of these teeth. Some people who do grow wisdom teeth will not have any difficulties with it. In some cases, dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal as a precautionary measure.

Wisdom teeth extraction is just an outpatient procedure; however, it is considered surgery. It is a simple procedure. Therefore if your dentist suggests removing them, go for it for a healthy, happy smile.

After removing these teeth, your dentist will provide you some guidance on swelling, bruising, pain management, cleaning your mouth, what to do, and what not to, to promote healing stages faster.

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