Witcher 3: Armor Types and Crafting Guide

In the Witcher 3 game, there are three types of armor available, i.e., Light, Medium, and Heavy. Also, the pieces of armor are divided into gauntlets, boots, chest, and trousers. Each piece has a considerable impact on the character’s movement, whereas the preference will vary on the players’ gameplay.

Using a light armor will provide you enough room to dodge enemy attacks more easily without consuming too much stamina as well. In the last game, it is highly suggested to make use of medium armor rather than heavy one as it is found more balanced and handy during the ventures.

Moreover, the Witcher gear is one of the most influential pieces, which gamers can locate and build to perfect their gameplay. So, always keep in mind that you will have to upgrade and repair your armor like the weapons from time to time. You can recover the durability of your gear by spending the in-game currency on any weaponsmith NPC or armorer.

Witcher 3: Where to find and craft armor?

In the Witcher 3, one of the best things about armor is that player can locate new pieces anywhere without making too much effort. Sometimes, most common opponents will drop a chest armor that you can use as well. However, the best option is to rely on quest rewards and chest scattered all through the world.

Weaponsmith also tends to have fascinating options for armor, so it is recommended to pay a visit to your nearest armorer in town. In case you want to boost the number of NPCs in order to buy such stuff, then try to form the contract and eliminate monsters present in the infested area. As soon as the task is completed, townsfolk will return to reclaim their houses, and one of them will likely get something new on sale.

With this, you can claim the best gears for crafting, whereas one will require a blueprint for each piece. Such diagrams can be located or brought from merchants that you can allocate to unlock and access the piece on the crafting menu anytime. Players will also see the stats, descriptions, and required materials as well.

Materials can be located in the wild in the form of loot from houses or bodies and inside the chests. However, there is a key feature at play, which allows for dismantling armor along with weapons and items. Make sure to get it by paying a small amount to the blacksmith to remove the useless gear in the game.

In case many players think that it is pointless to gather lower level items and weapons in the game as it makes your character move around with lighter weight. Always keep in mind that such things can be turned into useful materials.

Witcher 3: Scavenger Hunt Sets

There are six sets in the game available that you can through scavenger hunt or buy from merchant and quest rewards. Those are:

  • Griffin Set: You can locate the diagrams in Velen.
  • Ursine Set: Get the diagrams in Skellige.
  • Manticore Set: It’s a part of Blood and Wine expansion.
  • Feline Set: Grab the diagrams in Novigrad and Velen.
  • Wolven Set: Attain the diagrams in Kaer Morhen.
  • Viper Set: It’s also a part of Hearts of Stone expansion.

Witcher 3: Level and Upgrading Armor

In the game, you can boost the level of armor by finding the required material, purchasing, or attain higher level gear. Conversely, it is useless until you reach a specific level, so wearing the upgraded one will only increase the weight. Additionally, gamers can enhance the level of armor pieces present in the slots with runes items along with the equipped armor.


Witcher 3: Upgrading Gear Sets

Once you attain and build one of the Witcher set in the game, you will notice that they are known as Basic. As we know, there are different tiers present, such as Basic, Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted, and Grandmaster. You will need to upgrade the Witcher sets and eliminate the enemies conveniently.

To unlock the Mastercrafted sets, the only possible way to talk with a master armorer, i.e., Fergus Greaem. For that, find your way to the Crow’s Perch at Velen to unlock the “Master Armorers” mission. Note, in order to open it, and gamers need to reach at least level 24 or higher.

Moreover, to increase the level from basic to enhanced, players will need to gather each piece of armor either on the inventory or equipped. Most importantly, there is no need to collect every piece of set in order to use. With the progression of the game, you will locate most of them early and be able to utilize it accordingly in the Witcher 3 game.

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