Witcher 3: Tips and Tricks to Know before you play

Players will need some tips and tricks to survive in the massive open-world of Witcher 3. The game offers hundreds of challenges, scavenger hunts, contacts, and more. Also, lots of people find it daunting to complete in-game tasks and end up losing life numerous times. So, here are the essentials Witcher 3 tips that you need to know before playing the game.

1.  Alchemy is Important:

For a Witcher, Alchemy plays a significant role in the game. So, it is required to master it to survive in the game by defeating the enemies. Make sure to spend a few moments in the alchemy tab and look for present recipes. With this, you will be able to create for the bombs, potions, and weapons.

With the progression, players will get more recipes from merchants by spending in-game currency. So, it is advisable to keep an eye on loot to unlock them. During the battle, swords and signs are beneficial but try not to underestimate the power of potions or other prior tools.

2.  Stick to the Roads when using Roach:

In the Witcher 3 game, the Roach is your best buddy; so, keep an eye on its stamina as it can get tiresome in case you are galloping. During travel on the road, make sure to double click on the designated option to keep the Roach move forward on its own. It is the best technique to travel without the loss of stamina, whereas try to move left or right accordingly and keep it on the right track.

3.  Invest in Quen:

In the game, every sign has a purpose that players will learn how to make use of them in combat with the progress.  Most importantly, Quen plays an essential role during the battle when you have the exploding shield skill. With this, it will allow Geralt to defend himself from enemies in a chance of knockdown.

Moreover, gamers can also use the following skills, i.e., Active shield of Quen’s tree. It is a fascinating optional mode that offers the user a much bigger area of protection.  Based on damage dealt in the combat, it will heal Geralt as well if you upgrade and use it accordingly.

4.  Upgrade Axii:

In the game, there are several hosts of upgrade options present for the Magic, whereas utilizing Axii on the opponent in battle will temporarily make them unconscious. With this, players can easily land a critical hit or two when they are defenseless. Otherwise, you can also ignore them and pay attention to others in case there’s a group fighting. Besides that, Axii can also be used in dialogues and influence the action of the enemy and get the chance to avoid battle or hunt them down quickly.

5.  Oils are your Best Ally:

Basically, Oils are momentary upgrades that players can use on the top of the weapon’s default stats. Mostly, it will enhance the effectiveness of the gun towards a kind of opponent. With this, you can eliminate or have an extra benefit against the powerful foe.

6.  Always Check the Local Board:

Whenever you find yourself in a new location, it is advisable that to check the local message board always. Not only for side missions and new contracts, but it is also a way to investigate question marks on the map or provide beneficial bits of information on the latest objectives.

7.  Learn the difference between rolling and dodging in a battle:

In the Witcher 3 game, dodging allows Geralt to make a quick and short movement, but rolling action helps to cover larger more areas. When fighting in close combat, it is suggested that dodging is a better option to use against a Drowner or a bandit. Other than that, Rolling works better in the case of the more prominent opponent as it helps you cover wider ground against an enemy like Golems. Make sure to practice both movements perfectly and know foe patterns to get victory in your contracts.

8.  Check for armor’s grindstones and tables:

Simply, you can locate the armor’s grindstones and tables near armorers and blacksmiths. In the game, these two stations are available for free and also offers a 20% boost to your weapons and armor for at least 15 minutes. Ensure that to check them out and activate before challenging combat or tasks.

9.  Loot Everything:

A most important tip for the gamer is to gather everything you see in the game. Every item found in barrels and crates can help to defeat enemy, clear any level or more.    So, make sure to use the Witcher senses to find any nearby items and then grab everything in sight. Players no longer need to harvest the ingredients as well to build more as using alcohol will support to keep the items topped up.

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