With the Vivo X80 Pro 5G camera, you can let your imagination go wild

The X80 Pro, designed for pro and amateur photographers, commemorates the Vivo-Zeiss partnership. The X80 Pro’s phone cameras use a Zeiss T* coating, which is a glass optic that transfers light to the processor without losing information.

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The camera’s specifications are as follows:

During the day, the primary camera records breath-taking photographs with excellent detail and colour calibration. You can switch to Zeiss Natural Colour Mode 2.0, which extracts colours as nearly genuine as possible in a shot, while the conventional colour mode adds saturation and brightens the image. To access these benefits, simply Shop Vivo Mobile Phones Online.


HDR Image Processing

The HDR processing is incredible, and you can quickly create a great photograph regardless of the lighting conditions. The primary camera has a great minimum depth of field-effect transistor, but if you’re too close to the subject, only the centre will remain in frame, leaving the rest as bokeh.


Interior lighting

In indoor illumination, the cameras may create well-lit images with good details and textures. This unique GNV sensor cuts down on stray light, allowing the main camera to capture better photos and movies in low-light situations while keeping true colour accuracy.


Lens Effects

A Gimbal stabilizer on the long lens delivers superb stability, allowing us to capture sharper and more natural-looking images and videos while hand-held.

Eliminating vibrations and keeping the footage steady eliminates the need for a dedicated gimbal, making it easier to capture walkthroughs. Because of the low-resolution sensor, the X80 Pro has a periscope lens that allows you to zoom into a frame and produces good photos, though they aren’t as clear as other cameras’ output.

Because of 360-degree horizon level stabilisation, the video remains upright even if the phone spins and moves away from the horizon.

The X80 Pro now comes with a Zeiss anamorphic lens with cinematic bokeh effects, which use depth-mapping algorithms to replicate bokeh with an oval flare that is often only seen on camera lenses. You can photograph in a cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio with this with the portrait bokeh option with rack focus.

After turning off the beauty mode filters, the X80 Pro produces excellent shots with natural-looking skin tones. Overall, the cameras on the X80 Pro are extremely adaptable and can be used in almost any situation without fear of missing important details. To get this fantastic camera quality, Buy Latest Mobiles Online of Vivo.


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