Women in the Metaverse: What’s the status quo?


The Metaverse is poised to be the world of the future. With the Metaverse gaining such impetus and with it being projected as the future itself, there is tremendous scope within its confines. The design of the Metaverse also allows for more inclusive participation. People, regardless of race, gender, religion, and disabilities, can enter the Metaverse and reap its rewards. However, at the current moment, it mirrors much of our real world in one key aspect – equal representation.

The role of women in the Metaverse

It is true that the Metaverse is touted to be accessible and all-inclusive. However, as it is built by humans, it is subject to our very real biases. A  report by McKinsey & Co demonstrated that while women are the “power users” they are still being locked out of leadership roles. More women than men had used a Metaverse platform, and they also spent more time on these platforms. Metaverse initiatives, too, are largely being implemented by women. 

You might ask… Where is the gender disparity in all this? It’s all very well that women are spending more time with Web3 applications. However, they are still being locked out of leadership roles in companies that drive Metaverse development. 

Closing Thoughts

The Metaverse holds unimaginable potential. From NFT gaming marketplaces to concert arenas, the Metaverse expands the world as we know it. But with a technology that is set to be as inclusive as the Metaverse, an argument for equal representation has to be made. But not all is lost. The Metaverse is still a while away, and we remain hopeful that every person stands a chance in the wondrous virtual world. 

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