Women lingerie for honeymoon and other must-haves for a bride-to-be!

Being a bride is a tough job, along with the stress of leaving your house and go to a new household, there are tons of other to-do things as well such as placing fitness in the spotlight to smash every outfit you wear, and a never-ending list of things that need to be shopped and packed.

women lingerie for honeymoon

In this article, we are having a look at some of the basic bridal must-haves and not the more complex ones such as bridal outfits, jewelry, makeup and others.

Light-weight ethnic dresses

You are going to have bags filled with ethnic wear for your pre and post wedding celebrations, and trust me no matter how excited and in love you were while picking each of these outfits, after some time you are going to have enough. Thus, make sure to pack in a good number of ethnic dresses and kurtis that are designed from high-end fabrics, look classy, and are as easy to carry as the breeze for the days when your body can no longer carry the weight of clothing.

Delicate Jewelry and statement pieces

Again, for the days when your wrists, ears and neck have had enough of those heavy jewelry pieces, you can opt for delicate jewelry pieces that do not even feel like you are wearing anything. Statement light-weight pieces can also come to your rescue as they single-handedly dictate the jewelry game.

Sexy lacy lingerie for women

This one is a cliché, and no bride can ever forget packing a good number of sexy lingerie for all those special nights, but I take the responsibility of helping you to choose the best one. No matter what brand or where you shop from your sexy nightwear pieces, make sure to consider the fit, fabric quality and flexibility of the sexy lingerie as the primary ‘F’s for choosing the right one. Secondly, go for patterns and designs that you are sure to carry confidently rather than just following suggestions from fashion bloggers, magazines or your friends. Sexiness is not in what you wear but how you carry it. Thus, what might feel sexy to someone else might not seem so to you, so pick something up that you are sure to flaunt confidently.

Comfy Nightwear

As important as sexy nightwear to your bridal wardrobe equally crucial are comfortable nightdresses which let you relax and sleep comfortably. Thus, pack at least twice more comfy night dresses that come cheap online in India.

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