Wonder Woman Is Essential for DC’s Upside-Down

Justice league created a separate branch to deal with the rivals with magic powers. This branch is called the Justice League Dark. Before the audience could question the relevance of this division, they were introduced to the Upside-Down Man. This horrific being was like a higher power which emerged from a warped mirror of another world and fed on the magic of our universe. He initially belonged to a very toxic and polluted dimension that kept him chained permanently. But if the story is understood correctly, his chains began to lose the strength needed to imprison him. It sounds vaguely similar to what we saw in Netflix’s show Stranger Things. But as Stranger Things suggested as well, despite returning from the opposite dimension, the character maintains an inseparable connection with the realm.

Similarly, a connection seems to exist between Upside-Down Man and Wonder Woman. Ram V and Alvaro Martinez have teamed up to create the Justice League Dark. James Tynion IV was previously tasked with writing before Ram V came into play. James receives the credit for the creation of Upside-Down man and several other vital parts of the story. He left to join Batman post-JLD issue 19. At present, the story is continuing from the events of The Witching Hour. It had revealed that Hectane marked Wonder Woman during her childhood itself.

To win against Hectane and other witch-marked before they conquer and enslave the world, Wonder Woman was forced to make an impossible decision, and she had to release the Upside-Down Man. He was the forebearer of all the stolen magic that ended up creating the planet’s primary magic users. Once she stole the powers, she put him in prison in the Other World to mask his existence. Once unleashed, he immediately destroyed Hectane and her magical powers. But that did not change the witch mark on Wonder Woman, which is why she still has to deal with all the creepy creatures.

But Diana is not alone in this inconvenient situation. Zatanna’s father died fighting a dark wizardly being who was somehow related to Upside-Down Man. Zatanna believes that her father is alive and kept in a state of unconsciousness in Upside-Down man’s world. In the recent issue of Justice League Dark, Zatanna is motivated to track down her father in any manner possible and bring him back. But her inability to breach the spells and barriers makes it impossible to cross. While the entire league offers help, she refuses to put them in danger for her own sake.

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