Wonderland Montessori: An Authentic Montessori School

As you might already know that to have a bright and successful future, having a strong foundation for your child’s education is of the utmost importance. The right education method and the right school will help your child create a better life. Therefore, as a responsible parent, you must make the right choice. Now if you have been researching, you might have observed that there are several different methods of education, but the most popular ones are classical, Montessori, and vocational methods of education. Now, if you have chosen the Montessori method of education for your child and have started searching Montessori near me, then this post is for you. Finding an authentic Montessori school can be difficult because of the increased number of fake and knock-offs.

Most of the times parents don’t make an informed decision and end up choosing a Montessori school that do not provide a true Montessori program. So, if you don’t want to make a mistake in choosing the school for your child, make sure to thoroughly research the school and book a school tour. Although we know that it might get hectic for you, so we did some research and have found Wonderland Montessori in Flower Mound TX.

Wonderland Montessori in Flower Mound TX is amongst the leading Montessori schools that provide authentic Montessori education and programs. Established in 2010, the school has been serving the community and delivering top-notch Montessori education to children. This school is an authentic Montessori school because of the following reasons:

• The school has mixed-age classrooms for children and offers four programs namely Nido (6 weeks-18 months), Toddler (18 months- 36 months), Children’s house (3-6 years), and elementary (6-12 years).

• Each program focusses on different developmental aspects of children, and hence, they provide attractive and beautiful classrooms with materials made of wood, glass, or natural fibers.

• The school also provides an individualized curriculum that helps the children focus and build their interests in the three-hour-long uninterrupted classes.

• Moreover, each guide at Wonderland Montessori Flower Mound TX is MACTE certified from the American Montessori Society or Association Montessori Internationale.

These reasons make Wonderland Montessori,the most authentic Montessori school in the region. They also offer hot lunches and snacks freshly prepared in the school kitchen. The school is under constant video surveillance to ensure safety. So, if you have been searching for a preschool near me, then visit Wonderland Montessori.

For more information, visit https://wonderlandmontessori.com/flowermound.html

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