Reading the topic one may ask are they dangerous. Wood chippers, shredder, tractor flail mowers these all are powerful machines. They should not be operated without proper training.

Chippers are used extensively by farm owners to turn parts of wood into small pieces. They do it efficiently and save a lot of time and efforts for you. The blades or knives that make them effective make them highly dangerous too. One should be very attentive and focused while making use of them. It is important to ascertain safety during their use. Similarly flail mowers are used to cut the long grass, weeds and even brushes to create mulch.

In order to have a piece of land that is free of any fallen branches and overgrown bushes you need not endanger your life and well-being. These rotating knives rotate at speeds of 1000-2000 RPM are powered by petrol or gas. This brings a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the owners. This responsibility is to follow the safety guidelines and prevent any injuries. The accidents and injuries with tree chippers can prove to be fatal.



Tips that are offered by the experts on Wood chippers tractor driven machines include the following:

  • Strictly follow the guidelines given in the manual. As already mentioned, these are powerful machines that convert fresh or dead tree limbs into fine pieces in a fraction of time. You should be adhering to the basics thoroughly and maintain the measures of security. Manuals do compose the technical specifications, operational limitations and safety instructions. You should be keen to read between the lines so that you are aware of the usefulness as well as the potential risks involved.
  • Dress up properly. Eliminate any chances of your clothes being snagged into the chipper. You should wear tight fitting clothes. Make sure the shorts and shirt you wore are properly tucked. There should be no hanging and loose ends with you like belt, shoe laces, ties, etc.

Don’t wear any jewelry and make sure your clothes are cuff-free too. Wear a hard hat, safety goggles, gloves and ear protection. Shoes are very important when you work with a chipper.

  • Slow start is steady. Check the machine before you turn it on. Inspect every possible part of chipper before you put it into use. Ascertain all the bolts and screws are tightened. After ensuring that it is ready to be used you should take a slow start. Running at the lowest possible speed will make it possible to hear any unusual sounds. These sounds can be of broken or loose components that need to be immediately repaired.

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