Wooden Flooring: Classes, Characteristics and Placement

Wood is a natural material with excellent properties to be used as flooring in various areas. Discover its advantages and disadvantages, classes, etc.

Types of Bambus Parkett:

Wood is one of the most versatile natural materials that exist. The enormous variety of wood species and the ways of treating and working it make us do almost anything with it.

On the one hand, this great diversity can make choosing a Woven Parkettboden a complex decision. On the other hand, it is appreciated to have such a wide range of possibilities with which to cover any need.

We can choose between different species with very different degrees of hardness and resistance, depending on whether they are going to be indoor or outdoor floors.

Products that improve different characteristics, mainly related to resistance and maintenance, thanks to industrial processes. And of course a huge variety of textures, colors, and designs, where we not only consider the different woods, but also the types of assembly and the endless possibilities offered by Bambus Terrassendielen.

Types of wooden floors:

Solid Bambusfurnier for interior and exterior: This type of platform is formed by solid wood pieces normally arranged in parallel. Depending on the species, treatment and type of installation can also be used outdoors.

This type of platform does not have to have only a decorative character. It can also have its structural. For centuries, solid pallets have not been installed on a subfloor, but have been fixed on the beams of the building to form the ground. Although not as usual today, there are still cases.

Thermal and acoustic insulation: Wood is a natural insulator that can help you control the interior temperature of your home.

The tread is more comfortable and comfortable: Not only because of the temperature, which will allow us to go barefoot but because it is not as rigid support as other soil options.

Natural Bambus Arbeitsplatten can be repaired, and parts can even be replaced: Laminates cannot be repaired, but it is relatively easy to replace one slat with another.

Durability: With proper maintenance, a solid wood floor will last more than a life. As for industrial alternatives such as laminates, manufacturers are giving guarantees over 30 years.

Multilayer platform: It is a type of platform composed of several layers of different types of wood. Only the top layer is made of “noble wood” that we want to be exposed to. For the rest, other woods will be used, usually cheaper.

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