WORK IN your business encompasses your daily roles, activities, and processes that would make your business sail smoothly. The manufacturing of your products, fulfilling job orders, maintaining outflow and inflow of money, and managing employees are considered examples of working in your business. Some parts of the entire daily process may sound so “routine” and begin to be boring such as marking requests. However, there are also events that would be fulfilling and fun such as being able to reach a daily quota. Whatever emotion or challenge these activities may bring to your desk, they are all vital parts of working in the business.


However, on the other hand, when you talk about WORK ON your business, you tend to make that long range shot, aiming for a goal which may be quarterly, yearly, or even after 5 or 10 years from the beginning of a set goal. This is where brains are broken into pieces just to solve a puzzle of sorting the best strategies to make a business grow into one that people never thought it could possibly be. The greatest problem that most businesses encounter is that they seem to forget to look at the big picture and simply put a large amount of their focus—sometimes all their focus—on the day to day activities. They begin to lose sight of their long-term goal. No matter how small actions within a work place are, they are all geared toward a greater purpose.

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The point of delegation is not just to free up your work load and enable you to focus on things that matter the most, especially for those in the managerial or supervisory position. It is also intended to assign such tasks to those who are most capable of such duties. This is where outsourcing comes into play with your desired goal. Most of the tasks that can be delegated are those which take out most of your time—time that you could have spent on more profitable and valuable tasks. Make use of other companies or firms that can provide services for accounting and marketing needs. Instead of taking ownership for the task and ending up losing your mind with all the paper work that you need to get done, you can feel confident that tasks are being worked on while you work on other matters. Everything gets done smoothly and efficiently within the desired schedule.


The act of planning does not have to happen once in a specified strategic process. It has to be regular act done after constant evaluation and re-evaluation of the results of your interventions. Without such tasks being closely monitored in a timely manner, your goals will simply fade into oblivion. This is why an annual planning meeting has to be done more than just once in a year. It is also a must that everyone who has vital positions and tasks in your goal-driven plan has to be in attendance without any further excuses. When the mind is willing, there are many ways, but when the mind is not, there are many excuses.

We hope that you have learned the differences between work on vs in the business.

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