Work permits – LMIA , Skilled professionals from India

A work permit is a legal document that allows an individual to work in a specific country for a specified period of time. Work permits are typically issued by the government of the country where the individual wishes to work. To obtain a work permit, an individual must first apply for one and meet certain eligibility requirements. The requirements for getting a work permit vary depending on the country and the type of work permit being applied for. 


It is important to follow all rules and regulations related to work permits, including restrictions on the type of work that can be performed, the duration of the permit, and the requirements for renewing or extending the permit. Failure to comply with these rules can result in the revocation of the work permit and potential legal consequences. LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is part of the work permit process that allows for a foreign worker to work in Canada. Without passing this important assessment, you cannot even apply for a work permit so it is crucial this assessment is something that gets approved without much struggle


This is where we come in. Not only have we applied for countless work permits on behalf of other countries, we have also applied for LMIA along with the work permits. Because of our extensive work experience, there is an absolute guarantee that your applications will get approved by the Canadian Government.

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