Workplace Accidents and Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

New Jersey Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a workplace accident or dealing with an occupational disease, you may be qualified for some benefits. It is very important that you attend the proper procedure in order to improve your chances of getting much-needed coverage. A NJ workers comp lawyer can help in this by negotiating with your employer’s insurance company.

In different American states, businesses that employ three or more workers are required to grant workers’ compensation benefits. The employers usually have three methods to remunerate their injured employees. Either they enroll in workers’ compensation insurance program, self-insure, or they use funds administered by the state that employees pay into. Employees can hire New Jersey accident lawyer to avail themselves needed help.

What to do?

If you were hurt at the workplace, the first step is to find appropriate medical help. Some companies already have an emergency health care provider on their worksite. If your employer has intimated you to use them, you need to present yourself to that immediate healthcare aid.

If you do not have direct access to a medical expert at your workplace (as many do not) your company might have already appointed a preferred provider to address worksite injuries. If that is the case, you should tell to that facility.

Once you are meeting with your doctor, inform them that your injury is a work-related injury, and tell them the name of your employer. The doctor will then use this information they are billing your treatment under a workers’ compensation claim. Talking to an accident lawyer will be helpful in making informed decisions especially with regards to local workers’ compensation laws.

What if the payment of compensation is denied?

Some employers may deny liability for any injuries that occurred to their employee. When this happens, the Commission, the victim, their workers comp lawyer, and all associated health care providers will be notified of the reason for denial.

If your benefits are denied by the insurance carrier or self-insurer, you will have to demand a hearing before the Industrial Commission by submitting Form C-3. It will be crucial to have an experienced accident lawyer represent you at this hearing in order to handle such denial of benefits.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident or suffering from an occupational disease, it would be significantly helpful to contact a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer who can help protect your interests throughout your claim process.

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