“World of Warcraft” 8.3 new group Benio Rosa survival guide





At present, the World of Warcraft 8.3 version of “The Illusion of Enzos” was officially launched on 1.14 Pacific Time. From the name, we can easily see that version in our opponent may be the only remaining ancient god-Enzos. , It would be the most corrupt and deceived one in every of the ancient gods. It has its shadow behind major events like the death of wings of madness as well as the corruption on the Emerald Dream. At precisely the same time, additionally it is the first player to deal with out from the shackles of Titans. Of the standard gods, the difficulties everyone faces in version 8.3 is probably not simple. Players are encouraged to prepare enough WOW Classic Gold prior to starting the game in order to redeem powerful weapons in the experience to protect themselves.


Enzos and it is awakened city, Norosa, paid tribute to Cthulhu in Cthulhu’s mythology and its particular sleepy city, Lalaiye. In the novel, Dunk always wakes up, Lalaiye reappears in the world, which would be the end. Start, along with World of Warcraft, the designers obviously want to create the identical atmosphere, even Stormwind and Orgrimmar will probably be attacked by nightmares, as well as completely defeat Enzos, you should go Its old nest-Neorosa.


Neorosa will be the last corpus of Azeroth. As the domain of the traditional gods, there are several ways that the traditional gods can corrupt the globe. The first part of ​​Neorosa is termed “Illusion of Destiny”, where players also have to fight up against the illusion. The first enemy is Lazio, who has been distorted by Enzos. He believes that it’s only ancient Only inside name of God can Azeroth be truly guarded.


So Lagio was no longer a prince, but an emperor on the black dragon. Of course, reality of many things will not be what you see. The other two leaders from the area include the obsidian destroyers built through the subunit Zerg, infused with all the essence of the traditional gods, plus the zombie prophet, who’s good at manipulating illusions, and who needs to let the victim be confused in true and false imagination Tela.


The second division of ​​the pious hall gathers the crazy believers of the standard gods. The work in the Dark Judge Shanesh is to locate the few who resist the whispers of the original gods, then turn them into Enzos by slow but cruel means A strong follower. Vickyna gathered a team of coveted blessed admirers, who transformed these most devout followers into irresistible terrors in their temple.


Players is sure to be interested in the current game story if they see it, but inside the previous trailer, they will already know until this update will take unprecedented difficulty, and improving the difficulty from the game is just not just one with the main bodies on this update. It also brings some other game experience to players. At the identical time, players can visit ZZWOW.COM to purchase the most suitable props available for you. At a similar time, a Buy WOW Classic Gold cheapest here. Never stress about not having enough Warcraft Gold to utilize.

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