Worst Mistakes We Make While Hiring Packers and Movers in Gurgaon

Relocation is stressful event. People worries for the safety of their possessions, they even worry to hire a packers and movers agency as there is no surety of the safety of their goods. What if the movers will run away with their belongings? What if their beloved car will get damaged during transportation? And much more goes through their mind which makes the event even more stressful for them. And in stress they tend to make mistakes especially while hiring packers and movers.

Relocation is once in a lifetime event so people are not well aware of every prospects of shifting process and this is the reason why they make mistakes. They just know that taking assistance of professional mover is the best solution to relocate safely and securely. So, they hire the removal that comes first into their way and later regrets on their decision if, the movers not deliver the goods in good condition or scheduled time. So, a relocator ought to be very smart and careful while selecting a reliable moving company for relocating home.

Here are the most common and worst mistakes that we make while hiring packers and movers and you must avoid these mistakes to hire the best packers and movers agency:

Not Checking Plenty of Companies

One of the biggest mistake people tend to make while hiring packers and movers is hire a random removal company that comes first into their way and not checking the other options available in their area. This way they don’t know how much exactly they should be charged for their move and pay the movers whatever they ask for.

You should not do this mistake in fact, you must interviews several moving companies to know which one is the best. For this you can rely on Internet where you will find many online transport portals that provide you list of verified movers and packers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and many other cities in India. If not, then you can ask for referrals from your friends, colleagues or neighbors. You will get genuine reviews from them about their experience with the moving company.

Not Hiring Movers and Packers in Advance

Professional packers and movers always have a busy schedule so if you want to avail local packers and movers Gurgaon, Delhi or anywhere in India at best rates then, you should book movers in advance. Many leave it for the last moment which can ruin your budget. Also there are many legal formalities or paper works that you need to complete which consumes time and also the movers will come to your place for assessing the goods. So, it is very important to book movers in advance. If you will make this mistake and hire packers and movers at the last moment then, they can increase their charges up to 20% of total estimated cost of the move as urgent requirements.

Forget to Verify Credentials

People don’t take it as a serious matter and avoid checking license and other credentials of the company which is actually very important. You should hire a legitimate and authorized company and to confirm this you need to check its license, certification and other credentials like reputation, registration and skills, This way you can be sure that they are legitimate and trustworthy company.

Considering Companies with Irrational Low Quotes

Another biggest mistake people do is they consider the companies the most that offer irrational low quotes. Of course, hiring the cheapest movers and packers in Gurgaon is what we all need during home relocation but that doesn’t mean you can go with any company that offers you irrational low quotes. That can be a trap for you after all quality never comes in low prices. So, don’t blindly follow a company that is offering you a low quotes than other companies rather compare other packers and movers companies rates and charges to know which company is offering best services at best prices.

Not Asking the Right Questions

Sometimes we forget to ask the questions that are really important and related to our move. Not only knowing the charges of packers and movers is enough for you to relocate with them. In fact, there are many other important questions that you must ask to the movers. Some of the important questions you should ask to the mover is as follows:

  • How long your company has been in business?

  • What services you consider for extra and how much you charge for them?

  • How do you charge for local shifting as per hour, manpower or weight of the goods?

  • Is your company licensed for state or interstate move?

  • What kind of liability coverage does you provide?

Don’t forget to ask the right questions that are related to your move and avoid any hidden charges to make your move smooth and cheaper for you.

Not Checking Online Reviews of Packers and Movers Company

If you are fail to find the right company then you can be in great trouble. So, it is very important to find and hire the right and reliable packers and movers.

There are numerous ways to hire the best packers and movers company for relocating your home. You can ask for references from your friends and colleagues. If they have recently gone through the relocation process then, they can tell you the good names of the industry depending on their own experiences.

Another best way to hire the best packers and movers in Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore or anywhere in India is to search online where you will find many online transport portals that are associated with the best packers and movers companies in all over India. They provide you free quotes from top moving companies to compare the rates and charges of packers and movers company to hire the best company that is suitable for your requirements at your budget. They are only partnered with reliable moving companies hence, you need not worry for their authenticity and legitimacy.

But one of the best ways to hire the best removal company is checking their online reviews. Yes, reviews will help you to know about the company and also the quality of their work. Even if a customer is not satisfied with their work but he will write about his experience on the company’s review section. So, you can know a lot about company and its work by online reviews. Hence, it is worth checking the online reviews of a removal company.

You can go through different packers and movers websites that you find reliable and trustworthy and check their reviews. If you find more positive and authentic reviews then, you can go with the company to relocate your home.

Avoid Asking for Insurance Services

Many people don’t know about insurance services that a reliable moving company provides. They don’t even know that they should do insurance for the safety of the goods against damages. The insurance coverage will cover all the losses and damage costs that have occurred during transportation. Not insuring your goods while moving to a distant place is a big mistake which you must avoid.

Ignoring Paper Work

You should carefully read the agreement and check terms and conditions written on it before signing it. People always ignore this part while hiring mover and sign the agreement. You should take proper receipt from the movers if deposited any amount in advance and also keep any documents or a copy of the agreement safe for future use if anything go wrong.

These are the mistakes that we generally make while hiring packers and movers. It is once in a lifetime event hence, making mistakes is very obvious thing, but this doesn’t mean you will avoid your’s or your possessions safety. So, avoid these worst mistake while hiring movers and find the best home relocation company in your area to relocate your home and enjoy a safe and smooth move without any hassles.

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