Worsted Yarn and Wool Production Made Simpler

Worsted yarn has its own classic vibe and timeless appeal and it is still preferred as a luxury choice throughout the whole world. Worsted wool is also produced by Jaya Shree Textiles (JST). There are numerous kinds of customized yarns produced by the brand where it also works with several value chain partners and customers alike. There are several types of yarns in this category including knitting yarn and weaving yarn and also flatbed and circular knitting. The product lineup encompasses options like Siro Spun and Compact Ecru Yarns, Conventional Yarns, Twisted and Single Yarns, Melange, Dyed and Vigro Printed Yarns, Fancy Yarns, Core Spun Yarns and Core Spun Stretch Yarns among other types.

The count range varies between 18 and 140 Nm across double, single and triple ply while it is 1/50 NM-1/76 NM and Siro Lycra which has count between 2/48 NM-2/80 NM. The blends offered include 100% Cashmere, 100% Merino Wool, Wool Silk, Wool Cashmere, Poly Wool Lycra, Wool Nylon, Wool Linen, Poly Wool Linen, Wool Acrylic and Wool Polyester. Special finishes include Moth Proof, Flame Retardant and Anti-Bacterial Applications while product types include Jerseys, Furnishing Fabric and Sweaters among others. Jaya Shree Textiles makes use of the ideal fusion of contemporary technology and expertise spanning numerous decades for the transformation of natural woolen fibers into premier and luxurious woolen tops and yarns alike.

The in-house manufactured woolen tops are transformed into worsted yarn, via the cutting-edge 26,000+ spindles provisions. At Jaya Shree wool, innovation is the name of the game as per the company’s philosophy. The company is always engaging with suppliers and customers for making sure that the latest presses and techniques are adopted. It also closely collaborates with all value chain partners for building new and more innovative procedures and opportunities for new products. The finest and very best Merino wool is sourced as well. Sustainable farming practices are deployed for using the best Merino wool in the world, with a view towards producing woolen yarns and tops alike. The materials go through a product certification and quality assurance process courtesy of the Woolmark Licensing Program for making sure that fiber content has the best quality for both consumers and all partners in the value chain.

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