WOSPAC can Help your Become a Soccer Player by Offering the Necessary Coaching

WOSPAC Stages is the most reliable and ingenious boarding soccer academy in Barcelona. Why do people prefer us over other academies? We have fabricated a revolutionary sportive and educational program for boys and girls from around the world from 10 to 24 years old with the help of our highly skilled technical staff, first-class facilities, and a global working method. In addition to this, WOSPAC Stages has excellent partnerships with federations and the most competitive clubs in the soccer world that allow us to offergreat opportunities to train and play against the finest teams in Spain.

When it comes to the best Boarding Soccer Academy Barcelona, it’s hard to overlook our name.We highly value the research of the perfect roommate, based on age, hobbies, interests, and studies. Our international residence offers the best facilities, surrounded by a multicultural and familiar environment.

WOSPAC is the most qualified International Boarding Football Academy with a complete football programe to allow national and international players to reach their full potential. We constantly and tirelessly work with UE Cornellà of Barcelona to help our players get a REAL football experience. WOSPAC provides all the necessary things to our players so that they can stay safe and comfortable. We have an exclusive residence for sports people that includes a gym, swimming pool, football pitch, bedrooms, and airy leisure rooms. We render the most complete and valuable option for football players coming from all over the world. We provide them a unique fully equipped residence with: accommodation, a restaurant, medical center, academic center, gym, swimming pool, and football pitch all they need to enjoy the stay. We are rendering the perfect location where you can train and practice your favorite sport while you make friends, study, and share the experience of your life.

We help players by offering other services such as transfers, insurance, assistance to get the visa, care & support 24 hours, and more.All the rooms are double, they get sufficient natural light, and they are equipped with all the essentials you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible such us, fridge, desk. Our main goal is to give you all you need to allow you to be focused on your goals. WOSPAC and its Barcelona soccer academy offers the opportunity during summer to join the best football programs in Barcelona to boost football skills for boys and girls from every corner of the world. Football players from 10 to 23 years old can enroll themselves in camps. We will also help you learn a new language.

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Barcelona ,Spain


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E-mail: info@wospac.com

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