WoW Classic Patch 1.13.3 bring WSG and AV

Last month, we reported good news that World of Warcraft Classic is getting ready to push two completely new battlefields. Now World of Warcraft Classic has officially released updates to everyone players, looked after started this short 8 hours earlier this week system maintenance. The official game team originally planned release a this update plan inside the third stage of World of Warcraft Classic, but somehow, this update plan continues to be advanced to this particular year.

In recent years weeks, just as one avid World of Warcraft enthusiast, I have been closely following various activities and behaviors in the classic community. With the release on the honor system, players have likewise seen a lot of updates within the server. The focus with this update is both of these new PVP battlefields. After a few short times trying out, I found that numerous players within the community have become satisfied with this content brought by this update.

Including myself, I can’t wait to rush in to the battlefield each and every time I open the action. Each victory could possibly get a lot of rewards, and I was surprised to seek out that Blizzard adjusted the reward mechanism. Each update following the update offers a lot more rewards than prior to update. I have seen more than once from the community that players are displaying epic gear and WOW Classic Gold For Sale.

In addition to being available around the new battlefield, the Warcraft Classic 1.13.3 patch they can double for elemental invasions in Kalimdor and elsewhere. It is worth noting this patch also provides support for Blizzard’s paid role transfer service, which might be enabled inside the future.

Additional updates

The game team has now made some changes in the bottom layer with the game. The purpose of the move is usually to prevent players by using some plugins to assist them gain benefits inside the game. Such behavior will change the fairness and justice in the game from the game. It is the object of severe crackdown within the official website.

At one time adjust the bonus strategy, dynamically adjust the prizes after each player wins or loses. Treat every player fairly, specially the control of Classic WOW Gold is going to be stricter.

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