WoW Classic Professional Guide: The longest-term stable job

In WoW Classic, it’s important to choose the right professional. Unlike modern WoW, there are very big differences in the different majors in Classic, which can give you a very different gaming experience. For example, if you are a player focused on PvP battles, engineering will be one of the majors you must choose, because the various craft products offered by engineering can bring great advantages to PvP battles. In addition, if you try to change your major in the future, all your efforts to improve your professional skills will be in vain. The crafts you learn through various drawings or samples will be forgotten and cannot be re-mastered. So think carefully about the professions you want to choose and never change them.

Of all the majors, only two professional products are long-term needs of a large number of players, and can make money for you, they are alchemy and enchanting. You can get a 3% discount to buy Classic WOW Gold on ZZWOW’s official website using the coupon code “ZZWOW”. Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of ZZWOW, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

Enchanting is a very useful profession that can add extra special effects to various equipment by consuming different materials. The materials required for it are derived from the various fragments produced by equipment that decomposes green quality and above, and therefore cannot be well combined with other professions. You can choose a more practical sub-professional, such as mining or herbing, to sell all the materials you collect to reduce your expenses.

However, enchanting also has certain shortcomings, because the enchantment effect is permanently fixed on the equipment, players will continue to upgrade the level and reduce the frequency of replacement equipment, so their demand for enchantment will also be reduced. Simply put, when most of the players in the server reach level 60, in addition to the rarest enchants, the price of all related products will continue to decrease.

Compared to enchantment, alchemy is a more stable job, because its basic products – life potion and mana potion – are required for any level of player, and as the player level increases, the rate of consumption will increase. The sooner you come. Raids typically require the use of flasks or elixirs and potions, which can get expensive if you have to pay someone else to make them for you.

Pair alchemy with herbing so you don’t have to pay Auction House prices for herbs; otherwise, plan on making more than you need and selling them whenever the herb market dips below the price of finished potions and elixirs.

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