WoW Classic vs WoW Retail:part1

WoW Classic vs WoW Retail:part1



In both cases, my paladin almost always uses her core competencies to play games. In the classic version, the Paladin uses a seal/judgment system. The seal will affect the attack effect of the players in many forms, and my first seal is SoR. The purpose of this seal is to be able to inflict a certain amount of damage on the enemy I hit. The downside is that it will consume the seal ( You have to recast and have extra mana to cast a seal). In the Retail version, I need a long cooldown to quickly make a melee attack, the Crusader Strike. The trial still exists in the Retail version, but it is not associated with any attacks and does not require re-refreshing individual skills after use. The characters in the World of Warcraft game have far fewer spells than the classic World of Warcraft and control the character’s capabilities based on your current expertise. The expertise is divided into four categories: tanking roles, tanking roles, damage-dealing, and contribution. Visit MMOWTS for more game resources.


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The first gap that caught my attention was Retail. Compared to SOR, it is more interesting to use Crusader Strike and watch animation. SoR will increase damage, but the player will not show the attack when it triggers SOR. The battle between the classic version and the Retail version is very different. In the Retail version, creatures die quickly as soon as they are attacked, making them even more powerful.



In the classic version, the official team expects the player and guides the player to use the Holy Light healing spell. It is obvious that this character is designed around the healing in battle. But in the creature of the Retail version, the health is less pitiful. The killing speed in the Retail version is much faster than the classic version of the creature. In the classic version, killing a creature can take 15-60 seconds, but if it’s in the Retail version, this is not possible. Unless you are interested in entering an area that is not yet fully prepared, all creatures are at the same level as you. Until the 8th level, you can’t even get a cure and almost never use it. Halloween is coming to an end, now click on to buy Warcraft Gold and enjoy 8% off.

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