WoW isn’t able to support an interface

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In addition to that, World of Warcraft ‘s coming Shadowlands expansion will bring official controller support to the game to the first time in its history since the MMO made its debut on PC at the end of 2004. In a recent interview with P2Pah Director of games Ion Hazzikostas spoke about why Blizzard is now offering controller support, and — sorry! — why this doesn’t mean a console port of WoW is on the way.

Hazzikostas confirmed that the controller support for controllers in WoW is expected to come in the form of providing users access to the API (API) to enable a controller setup. The game won’t allow you to simply plug in your Xbox or PlayStation controller to play WoW, but this API access will allow gamers who use controllers like the Xbox Adaptive Controller as well as other controllers access to the game in a manner that meets their requirements.

The controller support that is being introduced is designed to provide players who suffer from physical disabilities or impairments the opportunity to play WoW without too much of a headache, Hazzikostas said.

“It’s more about more direct API access that’s targeted towards the accessibility community. There are a lot of users who do not have the capability to use the keyboard and mouse, or the traditional control tools that have used a variety of complicated methods to access devices like Microsoft’s powerful controller that allow them to connect with the gaming world,” said the Microsoft CEO. “We wanted to remove the need to jump through many hoops. Also, we want to support more directly the API. We’re eager to see what this community generally develops.”

WoW cheap WoTLK Classic Gold isn’t able to support an interface that plugs and plays with existing console controllers anytime soon. Due to the complexity of WoW’s controls — you possess more than a dozen abilities, after all–traditional controller support isn’t an easy task.

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