WoW Shadowlands Will Get A Season 4 Featuring Dungeons From Old Expanded

WoW Shadowlands WoTLK Classic Gold Will Get A Season 4 Featuring Dungeons From Old Expanded

World of Warcraft Shadowlands could have already received its final content update and is currently kicking into Season 3. but in an untypical move, Blizzard has confirmed it will get an additional season in the coming year.

Season 4 will mix things out when it comes to WoW’s normal seasonal format, according to a Blizzard posting on the official forums of the game. WoW seasons are typically comprised of an ever-changing roster of Mythic+ dungeons (oftentimes including a new set of affixes and dungeons, as well as seasonal ones) as well as a new raid, as well as a new season of PvP competitive. Since Shadowlands isn’t set to receive any new content – the recent Eternity’s Final update was the only one that was released–Blizzard is likely to draw from previously published content to keep things new instead.

For Mythicplus, Blizzard will be featuring two dungeons in the game’s last four expansions. These dungeons are both wings within Shadowlands’ Tazavesh, the two wings of Battle for Azeroth’s Operation Mechagon, the buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold two wings of Legion’s Return to Karazhan, and two dungeons yet to be identified from Warlords of Draenor. Players will be able to vote on the two Draenor Dungeons should make it into the.

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