WrestleMania 35 To Feature Women Wrestlers for First Time in The Main Event

WWE fans can sometimes be surfeited, but surely the WrestleMania is amongst such spectacle events that even enervated fans find exciting enough to become a part of it.

WrestleMania 35, is going to be organized at the MetLife Stadium situated at New Jersey. The grand WrestleMania 35 would uphold a total of 12 matches on Sunday with 3 Pre Show fight.

WrestleMania 35 To Feature Women Wrestlers

Undoubtedly this new WrestleMania event would be memorable with a number of hardcore fights lined up, but the most anticipated event of this mega event would be the final showdown between the three female fighters in the main wrestling event.

Fans of WWE can watch all the action on WWE Network which is somewhat like a Netflix service but wholly dedicated towards the WWE content. The WWE Network features different services like Pay-Per-View and Original Documentaries for its fans to enjoy the storyline related to their favorite fighter.

The prominent event for this year’s WrestleMania involves three female fighters having a high voltage tournament amongst each other. This time around the main event for the highly popular WWE would be upholding a fascinating clash amongst the world champion title holder Ronda Rousey facing Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

In this WrestleMania event, two of the Divas Charlotte and Becky would try to snatch the world champion title from Ronda Rousey by defeating her in front of live audience.


This is for the first time that a woman fighting match has gained so much exposure in WWE as previously female fighters were more of an appealing instrument to attract the audience.

But this time around WWE has taken a much more wide stance to this subject matter and emphasized more on women power by featuring female fighters for the main event.

Indeed Ronda Rousey has managed to secure widespread popularity amongst WWE fans, but many are considering the boost in sales of Pay-Per-views service to be the main factor in sponsoring the female fight for the main WrestleMania event.

Moreover, in the past few years, there has been a drastic increase in non-WWE wrestling titles, and this had created a massive competition for the WWE brand. So it is believed that WWE is projecting the previously ignored female power and use it for good PR use.

The storyline for this WrestleMania is bouncing around the three wrestlers who are trying to sustain their position and defeat the other two competitors for securing the  World champion title for themselves. It would be entirely exciting to observe as to how the final showdown event payouts for these three ladies who are completely set to destroy their opponents.



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