Writing or Publishing – What is more challenging?

There are some challenges that you face while writing and publishing a book
Writing A Book:

• Each author at any point has confronted dread and self-question.
• Writing a book takes committed time for a little while or even months.
• Fulfilling time constraints.
• The most troublesome difficulties an author face is exploring the unforeseen life occasions, family crises, and ailments that may occur.
• The last but not the least challenge is to write a perfect ending.

Self-Publishing A Book:

• The main issue that any independently published writer faces is tracking down the right crowd for their book.
• You might be a specialist in your area with volumes to load up with your bits of knowledge and experience; yet your book will not amaze the perusers if it has syntactic blunders, long and winding sentences, and an absence of thought stream or consistency.
• Another issue that independent publishers face is the book portrayal.
• The following issue with independent publishing is promotion. Your book will be lost in the group on the off chance that you don’t advertise your book.

You can take the guidance of non-fiction or fiction novel authors to get more details about the publishing.

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