WWE 2K21: Release Date, Roster and Every Other Detail

If you are a fan of WWE, then you will be happy to know that Hohn Morrison and CM Punk are looking to re-enter in the game.

WWE is a professional wrestling video game, whose developer is Visual Concepts and publisher is 2K Sports. The new game in the series is going to release under the name of WWE 2K21. It has been there for the good part of the decade of the gaming industry and attracted a lot of the fans of WWE towards it.

WWE 2K21

The fan of the gaming series is now getting pumped up for the new installment under the name of WWE 2K21. This installment is having a lot of pressure as the last installment has a disastrous opening and miserable run due to the bunch of the bugs and the gameplay full of flaws.

That being the reason, the developers had to create a final product to create an excellent environment for current players but to win back the previous gamers too. Yet there are some concerns that it is releasing only for the Xbox Series X and the PS5. There are many speculations like that are which will be addressed here.

Return of CM Punk

One of the enormous speculations is there regarding the return of the CM Punk in the upcoming WWE 2K21. This character has been seen in the series in 2K15. He was not included in the game due to controversy with the company, after which he got banned for the rest of his life. Still, he made the return on 2019 for a WWE internet show. That’s the reason why gamers think he is getting in the ring for the 2K21 matches. There no discloser of any contract with the CM Punk and the 2K. 2K prefers every big name in the WWE community to take part in DLC, as Ronda Rousey did in 2K19, and Hulk Hogan did in 2K20. If you think CM Punk just fit as to follow these two.

The other name that can come is John Morrison, who returned to the TV in early 2020. This news came from Angel Garza and Riddick Moss.

Release Date

As FIFA and NBA, WWE is unable to remain consistent for some time, as the 2K18 followed by 19 and 20 released in October, but the date keeps varying. Sometimes these releases seem a rush decision to me. The next release is on the way; as the previous three, the release date will be in October. And the rush can be observed in the decision after cutting the ties with the Yuke, the developer of the game, and they try to complete the whole game in a year cycle.

As they are focusing on the scheduled release now, so the release of the game will take place in October, and possibly last week.

The release for the Xbox Series X and PS5 can be delayed by one or two months, due to the release of these console is going to be the 2020 Holiday (approximately).

The expectation from the New Installment

Presently, the WWE series is at the crossroad due to the failure of WWE 2K20. That is the reason why the creator and publisher of the game (Visual Concepts and 2K) there can be the conservation in the gameplay and small improvement in the graphics and control of the game. Justin Leeper (former writer) said that there are chances that the 2K is trying to distance itself from the WWE gaming series in a YouTube Video. This condition can change if the next installment of the game.

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