Wyze Updated Firmware Lets You Turn Security Cameras into Webcams

Wyze, the company famous for making smart home gadgets all across the world, has released a revolutionary newly updated firmware. It is believed that the recently released firmware update will help the users to turn their low-cost security camera into a working and proper webcams. The release of firmware is significant at the time when it has become for the users to find the webcams of established brands such as Logitech. The current ongoing health emergency all across the world has pushed a sizeable workforce all across the globe behind their homes. The health experts, authorities, and governments are making it mandatory for the people to follow social distancing and work from home. Such a situation is putting enough burden on internet usage, and demand for webcams is increasing at a faster rate. But, with growing demand, a large number of webcams have already been sold. It has become hard for the users to purchase a new webcam as it is running out of stock these days.

The firmware update of Wyze was released on the supporting site of the company instructing the users about the downloading and installing process of the firmware. It has told the users to have to install the firmware on their camera of Wyze manually, which ultimately will turn the Wyze camera into a webcam. When the Wyze camera is turned into a webcam, then it will no longer remain connected to the app of Wyze and start functioning normally. However, the users can reverse the whole process and can restore their access to the security camera to the Wyze device and get it to work usually.

According to the instructions provide by Wyze on the supporting site, it has been told that the users will need to install the firmware manually, and for installing it successfully, they will require a USB-A cable to A cable, a microSD card and the Wyze Cam v2. After getting the needed devices, the users need to transfer the firmware updates available for free from their computer to their security camera. According to the instructions provided by Wyze regarding firmware update, the users will require to drag and then drop the firmware on the root directory of their memory card. After that, the users will need to plug their memory card into the Wyze Cam v2, which is yet unplugged and then keep holding the Set Up button. When you keep pressing the Set up button for at least 3 to 6 seconds, then a solid blue light will appear after that the users can release the Setup button. Now, the users can restart flashing the firmware update on their camera and then reboot to use it as a webcam.

After completing the required steps, the users can plug their device into their Windows or Mac; however, you will need to remain careful regarding the use of the USB-A port of your device only. After that, you can select your device manually as third party applications for providing videos with HD quality such as Skype, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. However, only have access to a microSD in formatted form is not the perfect solution as even then, problems are arising while working with Wyze cam at home. It is not enough to use microSD in a formatted way for extending external storage on Nintendo Switch then

the users can avoid the problems by formatting the device again for the Nintendo Switch while copying the files and then format the card and then install the updated firmware again.

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