X-Ray Vs Digital X-Ray- Know The Difference

X-rays or radiographs are a type of medical radiology that uses invisible electromagnetic energy beams to create pictures of tissues, bones, and organs. The images are produced on film or digital media. X-rays use safe amounts of radiation. The images help to diagnose the problems and treatments.

X-rays are used to detect fractures or diagnose injuries and disorders. These are safe procedures, and there are no side effects on your health. X-Rays have some benefits. The procedure is not costly. The X-Ray Center does not require any advanced digital processing equipment.


Why Do You Need An X-ray?

  • To check for a broken bone or a fracture.
  • To diagnose the symptoms, like pain and swelling.
  • To identify foreign objects in your body.
  • Investigate any structural problems in your bones, joints, or soft tissues.
  • Help in the treatment and routine screenings for cancer and other diseases.


How Does X-Ray Work?

An X-ray uses energy beams, invisible beams that can not be felt. The beams pass through the body and produce images. The structures in our body absorb a little radiation in some ways. Bones absorb radiation readily and appear white in the image, whereas the soft organs do not absorb radiation and look in shades of grey in the picture.


Precautions Before The X-Ray Procedure

Inform the radiologist who will perform an X-Ray about the medicines and allergies beforehand. Pregnant ladies or women who are breastfeeding should notify before the test. 


What Is The Cost Of An X-Ray In Delhi?

The X-Ray Cost depends on factors like the time taken, the part of the body that needs to be treated, and the reputation and location of the X-Ray clinic. In Delhi/NCR, the X-Ray Cost can come between Rs. 200 and Rs. 2000. Look on the website and search for the X-Ray center near me to ensure the best facilities.


Digital X-Rays- What Makes Them Different?

Digital x-rays or digital radiography is a medical procedure that uses X-ray-sensitive plates to capture data. The data is immediately produced as a radiographic image on a computer screen. The process and the results are quick, which saves a lot of time for the patients and the doctors who can diagnose and start the treatment.


Digital radiography is expensive. Digital x-rays use a specialized image sensor to capture and display the images on a digital device for analysis. Instead of a film, digital X-rays use a sensor. The images can be digitally transferred. Doctors can enhance the photos to have a clear picture.


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What Is The Difference Between X-Ray And Digital X-Ray?

Although it may sound and seem similar, a digital X-Ray is different from the regular one. Digital X-Ray is an advanced form of diagnosis and is known to give better imaging of the internal bones and tissues. Some common differences are listed below. 

  • Digital x-rays use a high resonance technique to provide a denser and sharper image. Film-based X-rays use a kind of electromagnetic wave to produce pictures of internal organs and bones within the body. 
  • A little radiation emits out of digital X-Rays, whereas traditional X- Rays are entirely safe procedures.
  • Developing pictures captured by an X-ray takes a lot of time. In contrast, doctors can immediately make a diagnosis with the images from digital X-rays. 
  • Digital X-rays provide bright and clear pictures with high resolution, which can be enlarged. But traditional X-Rays fail to do so; the images are not so bright.
  • X-rays are printed on a film, so there is a chance of tampering. Digital X-rays are not damaged or tampered with, and there is no loss of records.
  • X-rays use chemicals to process the images, whereas digital X-rays do not need chemicals—no need for a darkroom to develop films. Digital X-rays need smaller equipment which can fit in a small room.
  • Digital X-rays use virtual storage, which is easily accessible. But the X-ray system uses lots of costly films, making the process ineffective. The images from a digitised X-ray can be saved and retrieved later, but the images degrade over the period in the case of film X-rays.
  • Digital x-rays can be viewed immediately, but film-based x-rays need around 15 to 30 minutes for development.
  • Digital radiography images are more transparent. The scope for picture enhancing makes it the most widely used in the medical world. It is more portable for radiologists. Investing in digital radiography means lots of money. 


Where To Get The X-Ray Done?

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