Xbox Games Pass Will Be Available on Phones in September 2020

Xbox Game Pass is soon going to be available on your mobile phones. It has all been made possible because of the powerful cloud. Project xCloud officially began progressing two years back (after announcing it in the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018), and the company began beta testing with the users in October last year. The company assures that it has the capability to introduce Xbox hits on any mobile or tablet, which will be on par with nearly all other Sony Consoles.

The company developed xCloud while the market saw more and more sales of the Xbox Game Pass that let users subscribe to all console-level games every month. The two services are complementary to each other since a lot of people will be apprehensive of paying hefty subscription fees for games despite their high quality. Other companies beat Microsoft in this competition by launching similar services before. Google launched Stadia several weeks back, but the market did not warm up to it very well. On the contrary, Stadia Pro was preferred by the users because it provided plenty of game options for a much lower price point.

Google also allows gamers access to games other than those within the bundle, which is not a feature Microsoft can provide just yet. Another competitor in the market, Apple, released their Apple Arcade mobile gaming packs with up to a hundred high-quality options, but these games are nowhere near names like Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption 2. Xbox announced that they will now be a part of cloud streaming games available for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, beginning from mid-September this year. People willing to play from the huge list of options need to own a Bluetooth controller, a mobile phone with an Android system, and an entirely optional controller clip. With the presence of this bare minimum apparatus, the gamers can play games as they used to on their Xbox and PC.

They will also be able to save progress before they leave so that they can pick it up from where they left previously. Additionally, the company mentioned various accessories for your phone that could help make gaming on the phone better and easier. MOGA disclosed its XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller. The device comes equipped with its own removable clip and inbuilt power backup to keep phones from exhausting their batteries. These additions to Xbox Game Pass will catapult Microsoft into a different playing field in terms of consoles and gaming.

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